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S*it About "Giving"

by tbanarchy

Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death by the Dead Kennedys

This is one of my favorite albums by the Dead Kennedys, which includes the all-time classics "Too Drunk To F*ck", "Kinky Sex Makes The World Go 'Round" & "Night Of The Living Rednecks".

"You Give Lovin' A Bad Name" by Bon Jovi

This is one of the most popular songs by eighties hair metal band Bon Jovi off their classic album Slippery When Wet (which also featured "Livin' On a Prayer" & "Wanted Dead Or Alive").

Something's Gotta Give

This is a 2003 romantic comedy starring Jack Nicholson & Diane Keaton. Oh yeah, it also stars Keanu "Matrix" Reeves. Plus it features Diane in a nude scene, for anyone who is interested!

"Give a Hoot-Don't Pollute!"

This was a classic kid's PSA from a character called Woodsy Owl I remember seeing as a kid during the seventies. (Yep, I'm THAT old!) Woodsy's new slogan is: "Lend a hand-care for the land." Yep!

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

Yes, ladies & gents, this is an actual book about . . . well, you know! Even though I've not read the book (yet!), I can already tell The Power Of Positive Thinking it's most definitely NOT!

"Give Peace a Chance" by John Lennon

This, of course, is the classic "protest" song by the late John Lennon. I'll be honest, the main reason why I'm listing this song is because I don't want someone to ask why I didn't include it.

Wimpy from Popeye

Wimpy is a character from the old Popeye cartoons who was always begging people to give him a burger as he was always saying: "I'll gladly repay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!" Ah, memories!

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!"

This is one of the most famous movie lines from all-time from the classic Gone With The Wind. It was actually controversial when it came out. Nowadays you hear worse than THIS in a Disney flick!

"Give yourself to the Dark Side!"

This was another famous movie quote from the Star Wars flick The Empire Strikes Back (or was it from Return Of The Jedi?). In any case, this is what Darth Vader says to his son Luke Skywalker.

Giving someone (or yourself) an orgasm.

This, to me, is a no-brainer. I mean, what's the BEST thing you can give someone-or yourself-besides an orgasm? I would say more but I think THAT statement speaks for itself, don't you, pervs?

Giving-or NOT-giving a f*ck about s*it.

Some people give a f*ck about s*it while some people don't give a f*ck about s*it. And for those who DON'T give a f*ck about s*it, well, I myself DON'T personally give a . . . well, YOU know!

And, if nothing else, just remember to give til it hurts!

Frankly, I don't know WHY anyone would want to give til it hurts. I mean, if it starts hurting, then you obviously gave too damn much, you dumbass! But then, it's YOUR life, so there you go!

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