Should "Comedy" Have Consequences? (Or Is PC BS "Killing" Comedy?)
Should "Comedy" Have Consequences? (Or Is PC BS "Killing" Comedy?) comedy stories

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Should "Comedy" Have Consequences? (Or Is PC BS "Killing" Comedy?)

by tbanarchy

Recently "comedian" Kathy Griffin got into a ton of hot water for her pic of her holding a decapitated mock bloody head of "President" Donald Trump. Kathy lost endorsement deals & her CNN gig.

Kathy's pal Jerry Seinfeld said how he stopped playing college campuses because they were far too, as he put it, politically correct. Since when DID Jerry Seinfeld become too "offensive" anyway?

Maybe he would be considered "offensive" if he did this "joke": "What's the deal with butt plugs? From my standpoint, that's one orifice that should NEVER be plugged!" But I, of course, digress!

I grew up listening to comedians like Eddie Murphy who still managed to become one of the top celebrities of the 80s in spite of his doing "jokes" that would be deemed "homophobic" nowadays.

And then there's the guy who played Kramer on Jerry's old show who also got into hot water after going on an infamous N word rant onstage during one of his performances that someone taped.

Or how about when Comedy Central host Daniel Tosh told his by-now-infamous "rape" joke to a female heckler & the PCers lost their PC minds for WEEKS about it (though he still kept his show).

But yet Howard Stern STILL got to co-host the popular show America's Got Talent in spite of his "appearing" in BLACKFACE while saying the N word (more than ONCE, I might add). Go figure!

In the 90s comedian Andrew "Dice" Clay had his career all but ruined by the PCers back then who deemed his comedy too "homophobic" & "sexist". Now he's doing "celebrity" cooking shows. Go figure!

Legendary 50s & 60s comedian Lenny Bruce was actually arrested for his comedy that was deemed too "obscene" by the powers-that-be. (In those days, it was the right who did the "censoring".)

Today many-or most-"comedians" seem to be more "progressive" activists than actual comedians like Amy Schumer & Sarah Silverman. (Seriously, when's the LAST time that Rosie told a damned joke?)

Speaking of Sarah Silverman, she even came out in "defense" of political correctness in comedy even though she once got into trouble for telling an Asian "joke" on Conan O'Brien's old talk show.

I myself once tried my hand at doing stand-up comedy. I got kicked out of a coffee shop for "suggesting" to the poetry slammers they "change" their poetry dedications to the following:

"Instead of doing your usual dedications like 'This poem I dedicate to John who changed my life!' you should change it to 'This poem I dedicate to John who filled me up so much the other night!'"

So who gets to decide if a comedian is too "offensive" & especially who gets to decide what "consequences" they should "suffer" for being too "offensive"? And who gets to say what's "offensive"?

Or should we just let comedians be comedians and, if you DON'T like what they "joke" about, you DON'T go to see one of their shows instead of demanding they be "censored" all the dame time.

Or to paraphrase the late great George Carlin: doody, pee-pee, F word, C word, rocksucker, mothertrucker & tots. (I, of course, "censored" it so as not to "offend" anyone. You're welcome, PCers!)

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