SHAFT vs. JOHN WICK (& BLACK PANTHER) temper stories

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Can ya dig it? Damn right!


by tbanarchy

About a year or so ago the "remake" of the classic Charles Bronson film Death Wish starring Bruce Willis came out.

The PCers in the media and on-where else!-Twitter went absolutely nuts, calling the film a "racist NRA ad" and such.

Now the PCers in the media and-again, where else!-Twatter are going absolutely batshit crazy AGAIN, this time over the release of the film Shaft, which is more of a "sequel" than a "remake".

The PCers are calling it "racist"-even though it's a mostly African-American cast with an African-American director-and have accused it of promoting-what else!-"toxic masculinity".

One irate PCer on you-know-where tweeted, and I quote, "Can ya bigot?" Which was a "parody" of the line in the original Shaft theme song that goes "Can ya dig it?"

And WHO says "comedy" is DEAD!

The current Shaft movie is, of course, "based" on the 70s so-called blaxploitation flick of the same name.

It even co-stars actor Richard Roundtree who, of course, played the original Shaft.

I was a fan of the original Shaft flick and its sequels Shaft's Big Score and Shaft In Africa (all of which I have on video. BTW).

Not so much the 2000-or was it 2001?-"remake" starring Sam Jackson-who, of course, stars in the new one-that I felt was mostly forgettable.

And, to be honest, I wasn't too hyped about seeing this "new" Shaft flick, especially since it was billed more as a "comedy" than a straight-up action flick like the original.

But then I started reading some of the "triggered" responses to this flick from irate PCers on-there again, where else!-Twatter and I thought maybe I should see THIS flick!

The thing that got to me about the "outrage" over films like Shaft (& Death Wish) is how the SAME "wokesters" will give a free pass to the John Wick films.

For instance, John Wick 3 recently came out and I heard nary a peep from the very same "wokesters" on sites like you-know-where who are throwing a hissy fit over Shaft (and let's NOT forget Death Wish!).

This in spite of the fact that the John Wick films are JUST as "violent" as any of the Shaft movies (or even the Death Wish flicks). I mean, no one is calling JW a "sexist NRA ad" or whatever.

In fact, I'll go as far as saying that Keanu Reeves-who, of course, plays "retired" hit man John Wick-kills MORE people, including WOMEN, in one JW film than Shaft & Death Wish combined.

So, the question remains, why DO the same "wokesters" who get all butthurt about Shaft and/or Death Wish pop a "woke" chub whenever a new John Wick film gets released?

Not only that, but I remember only a couple of years ago when these SAME "wokesters" said how ANYONE who dare said ANYTHING "negative" about that Black Panther flick was-you guessed it!-RACIST.

Now these SAME "wokesters" are going after Shaft because it's apparently NOT "woke" enough for them in spite of the fact the film has a largely BLACK cast AND a BLACK director.

Gee, that sounds a little . . . oh, what's that word PCerS and/or "wokesters" LOVE to call everyone else? Oh yeah!

I swear, these PCers DON'T even buy their OWN "woke" BULLSHIT!

Trust me, I stopped trying to understand the "logic" of these PCers and/or "wokesters" on Twatter-and elsewhere!-LONG ago!

Going back to Shaft, another reason why the PCers and/or "wokesters" on Twatterland are "complaining" about this movie is because Shaft in the movie apparently pokes fun at so-called millennials.

Because, you know, why would ANYONEwant to poke fun at a group like the PCers and/or "wokesters" that seemingly gets "traumatized" by jokes in a fucking movie!

It boggles the fucking mind!

Oh, BTW, Shaft has a much BIGGER audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes than "woke" films such as Captain Marvel, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and-of course!-the all-chick reboot of Ghostbusters.

And, yes, that also includes Black Panther. And the PCers who run Rotten Tomatoes CAN'T blame this on trolls and Russian "bots" like on the other movies since they now use a "verified" ratings system.

It seems like their "woke" BS is coming back to bite them in their "woke" ass, DOESN'T it!

Can ya dig it?

You're damn right!

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