Pics Of Famous Chicks "Covering" Themselves With Leaves
Pics Of Famous Chicks "Covering" Themselves With Leaves leaf stories
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Pics Of Famous Chicks "Covering" Themselves With Leaves

by tbanarchy

So today's "story challenge" on Commaful is . . . leaf.

They actually did this before a little while back when the "story challenge" of the day was leaves. (See the diff?)

I already did a piece on my, uh-hum, feelings towards "leaves" which you can dig around for it in my posts if you'd care to read it.

I thought about doing yet another piece on how Commaful should jazz up their "story challenges".

But, instead of doing THAT, I got an even BETTER idea to instead show some-you guessed it!-pics of famous chicks "covering" themselves with leaves. (BTW, this ISN'T a "famous" chick!)


First off, here's Jennifer Lopez "covering" her big ass-which she literally has!-with leaves.

And here's Jennifer Lawrence "covering" herself with a snake while IN FRONT of a bunch of leaves.

Here's former "supermodel"-and Billy Joel's ex-Christie Brinkley "covering" herself with leaves.

And here's Kristen Wiig-who, of course, starred in that, uh-hum, classic all-female reboot of Ghostbusters-"covered" with . . . well, you know!

And here's a pic of actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus (of Seinfeld fame) doing the clown nasty!

So what does THIS have to do with famous chicks "covering" themselves with leaves, you might ask?

Honestly, not a damn thing!

Normally, I would include a pic of some "hunky" guy who was "covering" himself with a fig leaf or something so I won't be accused of being . . . well, YOU know!

But, since looking through pics of dudes "covering" their junk with fucking fig leaves is NOT my idea of a good time, here's a pic of Ron "Hedgehog" Jeremy NOT "covering" himself with leaves.

You're welcome, ladies!

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