On Being "Offended"
On Being "Offended" threats stories
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tbanarchy Sometimes serious, mostly snarky author.
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"TRIGGER" WARNING: Do not-I repeat!-DO NOT read this piece if you ARE easily "offended"! (Or, you kno what, DO read it. What the hell do I care!)

On Being "Offended"

by tbanarchy

I think it's fair to say we live in a world now where everyone seems to be in a constate state of "offense".

Whether it be over jokes or movies or TV shows or politics or what the hell ever, it seems like there's always someone somewhere who's "offended" at SOMETHING.

What's worse is there are certain entities, be they political or "religious" or otherwise, who try to prevent ideas & other things from being expressed THEY find "offensive".

Instead of letting others listen or see these ideas & things so they can make up their minds for THEMSELVES as to whether they find them "offensive" or not.

I know I'm perfectly capable of deciding FOR MYSELF what and/or who I find to be "offensive" or not & don't need anyone's "help" in THAT regard, thank YOU very much!

But do YOU know what happens whenever you're "offended" by something or someone?

NOTHING!!!! NOT A DAMN THING!!!! The world DOESN'T end and/or stop turning just because YOU found something to be "offensive". Life goes on, as they say!

In other words, the world and/or the universe in general DOESN'T give a sh*t if you're "offended".

Believe it or not, people have said I was-gasp!-"offensive" and/or that I "offended" them. #SarcasmAlert

Occasionally, I have "apologized" to people if I've truly felt I crossed the line with them.

But, like I said, people nowadays get "offended" over the LEAST little thing that I usually don't care if I've "offended" them or not.

So what do I personally find to be "offensive", you might ask? (Certainly not THIS picture!)

Actually, I don't really get "offended" by things but rather I get pissed off about things (& people!).

But, of course, the world and/or universe DOESN'T give a sh*t about THAT either so there you go!

As for the "hate speech" argument, I-and others-have been told to "kill yourselves" on so-called social media by those who otherwise claim to be "tolerant".

I'd say THAT was pretty damn "hateful", wouldn't YOU?

That's actually one thing I am "offended" by, that you express something someone doesn't like & they tell you how you should END your very life.

How so VERY "tolerant" of them. Just saying!

To quote Ricky Gervais: "Just because you're OFFENDED doesn't mean you right!"

Speaking of being "offended" by something, here's Katy Perry shooting whipped cream out of her ta-tas. Enjoy!

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