Why I'll Never Again Watch Disney's Star Wars
Why I'll Never Again Watch Disney's Star Wars cinema stories

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Why I'll Never Again Watch Disney's Star Wars

by tbanarchy

I've posted on here MANY times how I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan.

Or at least I used to be until Disney's complete & thorough bastardization of the franchise.

And, yes, I'm referring to that godawful-or is it Sithawful?-The Last Jedi.

The Last Jedi was without a doubt one of the DUMBEST flims I have EVER seen.

I chose NOT to pay to go see this film after the PCers on places like-where else!-Twitter and in the Disney-ass-kissing media gave it their "coveted" stamp-of-approval.

And, after seeing the entire film on Netflix, I'm glad I didn't as it took me four tries to get through the movie it was SO infuriating to watch.

And I'm apparently not the ONLY Star Wars fan who feels this way as the film has garnered an audience "approval" rating of below 50% on noted movie site Rotten Tomatoes.

Even though the Disney-ass-kissing media has blamed, among other things, RUSSIAN BOTS for the low audience score on RT.

You know, call me crazy, but something tells me Vladamir Putin DOESN'T give a shit about the "ratings" of Star Wars.

Anyway, besides Russian bots, the PCers & the Disney-ass-kissing media have also blamed the fans who've dared NOT like TLJ as being-what else!-"racist" & "sexist".

Of course, these people fail to explain how thinking a movie SUCKS equates to being a bonafide member of the Ku Klux Klan and/or Ted Bundy but I digress!

Even Last Jedi's whackjob director Rian (Ruin?) Johnson has gotten in on the act by calling critics of his film, and I quote, "manbabies" while whining himself about those who DARE criticize his film.

Speaking of Rian (Ruin?) Johnson, he boasted of how he put stuff in TLJ that's NEVER been put in Star Wars before.

For instance, fuel. Gold dice. A "vegan" Chewbacca. A "flying"Princess Leia. Yoda the arsonist. A cowardly Luke Skywalker who makes "duplicates" of himself with bad hair dye jobs.

And DON'T forget Luke Skywalker milking those giant space titties since that was SO important to the plot!

And DON'T get me started on the "new" characters like Rey who becomes SUCH a powerful Jedi in just a FEW hours with NO training that she kicks the ass of TRAINED Kylo Ren & Luke Skywalker himself. Makes PERFECT sense, Rian!

With continuity like THAT it's no wonder TLJ made about HALF the box office as The Force Awakens and THAT film was a blatant rip-off of the first Star Wars film!

And DON'T get me started on the box office disaster that was Solo. (And I'm sure the whole "Lando fucks robots!" thing DIDN'T help!)

Hell, even the much-maligned Star Wars prequels DIDN'T lose money at the all-important box office.

And, if all that WASN'T bad enough, J.J. Abrams-who, of course, directed TFA and will direct the next SW film-is reportedly going to shoehorn in unused footage of the late Carrie Fisher into the next and-thank the stars!-final SW film in a blatant attempt to win back disgruntled SW fans.

I mean, actor Paul Walker's character was treated with MORE respect when he passed unexpectedly while filming his last Fast & Furious film.

Let's face it, these new Star Wars films were put out solely to make money AND to push a politically correct "political" agenda. If you DON'T believe me, just ask Lucasfilm CEO Kathleen "Force is Female!" Kennedy.

Kind of like what J.J. Abrams and co. has done with the Star Trek reboots. Again, if you DON'T believe me, here is the new Spock.


Going back to Disney's PC Star Wars, all these reasons is why I'm DONE paying to go see anymore Star Wars films, which is something I thought I'd NEVER say (though I'm still a fan of the George Lucas SW, and, yes, that includes the prequels).

The ONLY way I'd go see the next Star Wars film is if the "resistance" were captured by the First Order and were all TORTURED for two straight hours and, at the end of the movie, Chewie flies in on the Falcon and blows the hell out of ALL them and the end credits roll.

My view is if you DON'T appreciate my business then you damn sure am NOT getting my business. So that's why I'm keeping my "racist" & "sexist" ass home when the next Star Wars flick comes out.

And, most of all, I think Disney, Lucasfilm, the PCers who claim to LOVE the new PC SW (while the once-popular SW toys all gather dust on the toy shelves), AND the Disney-ass-kissing media can take their beloved PC SW and stick it ALL up their politically correct asses!

Yeah, I know. BIGOT!!!!

May the Force be with . . . aw, screw it! I'll just go watch Spaceballs since that's a BETTER Star Wars flick than The Last freakin' Jedi! (Maybe Mel Brooks should've directed THAT flick instead of Rian-Ruin?-Johnson!)

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