My "Upside-Down" Feelings Towards Actress Alyssa Milano
My "Upside-Down" Feelings Towards Actress Alyssa Milano sexy stories

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As Alyssa Milano says, beware the "Nazi elves"! (I'll, of course, explain further in this piece what I meant by that.)

My "Upside-Down" Feelings Towards Actress Alyssa Milano

by tbanarchy

Alyssa Milano started off as a child star in the classic 80s TV sitcom Who's The Boss.

She also co-starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger in his classic 80s action flick Commando.

After WTB was cancelled, she tried to shed her "child star" image-literally!-by posing nude in the now-defunct Bikini magazine.

Ironically, she'd be accused of "cultural appropration" for these pics today (and I'll explain later what I meant by that).

Her acting career took a bit of a nosedive as she was regulated to doing mostly B-movies, including the "softcore" vampire flick Embrace Of The Vampire.

And, yeah, she was naked in THAT flick (among, as you can tell, OTHER things!)!

Like Sharon Stone, Alyssa complained about doing nudity in film, though that DIDN'T stop her from posing for NUDE pics and/or being caught frolicking on a NUDE beach.

But I digress . . .

Alyssa's career was revived when she starred alongside Shannen Doherty in the hit witches TV show Charmed.

And who can, of course, forget that by-now-infamous "mermaids" episode of THAT show!

But, again, I digress . . .

After Charmed was cancelled, Alyssa went on to star in another TV show or two, though nowadays she seemingly spends MOST of her time virtue-signaling on-where else!-Twitter.

(Remember the "cultural appropriation" nudie pics I mentioned earlier?)

She especially tweets how much she "hates" THIS guy like a lot of OTHER celebrities do nowadays even though Trump, of course, is a celebrity himself.

But, there again, I digress . . .

Besides The Orange One, Alyssa also tweets about OTHER things that "offend" her sensibilities; like, for instance, "Nazi elves".

No, I'm NOT making that up! She actually tweeted seeing "Nazi elves" in a Christmas store she went into with her kids. (Google it.) Though she provided no actual proof said "Nazi elves" even existed.

But, once again, I digress . . .

So am I still a "fan" of Alyssa Milano in spite of ALL her sanctimonious virtue-signaling, you might be asking yourself? The answer is yes & no.

Frankly, I think the last really "cool" thing she did was pose-half-naked!-in almost-defunct "lad mag" Maxim some years ago.

This was, of course, BEFORE her virtue-signaling on Twitter and is, of course, something she would NOT dare do now.

The ONLY "nudity" she does now is posting breast-feeding pics of herself (you know, for the virtue-signaling).

Did I mention how much I cannot STAND virtue-signaling and/or virtue-signalers in general?

But, for the last & final time, I digress . . .

BTW, who thought it was a GOOD idea to feature a teenaged Alyssa Milano in a workout video? Just asking!

Anyway, here's a shot of an ADULT Alyssa Milano, uh-hum, dancing (sans the virtue-signaling!)!

Consider it an early Christmas gift from yours truly (sans the "Nazi elves"!)!

Oh yeah, in spite of ALL her virtue-signaling, Alyssa Milano HAS been accused of tax evasion and/or NOT paying her OWN employees.


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