My Unpopular Opinion: Why I Can No Longer Effing Stand Bill Maher
My Unpopular Opinion: Why I Can No Longer Effing Stand Bill Maher bill maher stories

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My Unpopular Opinion: Why I Can No Longer Effing Stand Bill Maher

by tbanarchy

So "liberal" talk show host Bill Maher announceed that his HBO show Real Time With Bill Maher will be shutting down temporarily due to the panic over that coronavirus.

On his final show on Friday, Bill offered his, uh-hum, opinions about said coronavirus and the, uh-hum, response to it.

Of course, he took his usual potshots at the American public for their "stupid" response to the virus-is THAT why he's shutting down his show?-and, of course, against THIS guy.

In other words, Bill's usual diatribes.

But then Bill added how calling the coronoavirus the "Wuhan flu" was being a little, and I quote, "insensitive".

Really, Bill? REALLY?

Let's see, this is the SAME guy who once took shit for saying "the n word" on his show. (And, no, I don't mean he said nifty!)

Not to mention he put out an entire movie where he mocked others for their "religious" beliefs (which I own on DVD, BTW).

Bill also recently talked shit about not only adults who read comic books but also talked shit about the guy who made most of those comics Stan Lee AFTER he died.

Oh yeah, Bill also infamously mocked the then-recent-passing of Steve Irwin a.k.a. the Crocodile Hunter after he was killed by a stingray by showing up to the Playboy Mansion on Halloween wearing a Crocodile Hunter costume with a bloody stingray barb sticking out of his chest.

When he took shit for doing that, Bill went on his show on HBO and accused his critics of being too-you guessed it!-"sensitive".

I remember Bill also added at the time how they were called stingrays for a reason instead of, say, "hug rays" or something like that.

Kind of like how people are calling the coronavirus the "Wuhan flu" because maybe-just maybe!-it originated in the city of Wuhan in China. You think?

I mean, if this virus "originated" in the city of Bumfuck it would likely be called "Bumfuck flu", you know what I mean?

But listening to Bill Maher lecture people about being too "insensitive" is kind of like hearing Katy Perry lecture someone about showing too much boob; again, you know what I mean?

Speaking of being "sensitive" about the coronavirus, over on-where else!-Twitter the phrase "Boomer Remover" had been "trending" where the "woke" mob was gleefully tweeting how the coronavirus was "targeting" so-called boomers.

Apart from the hypocrisy of the very same people saying how we should be "tolerant" of one another because, you know, "woke" tweeting this, these dumbasses DO know this virus doesn't just "target" those who are so-called boomers, right?

And as I told one "wokester" who said, as a boomer (which I'm NOT), I was reaping what I sowed with this virus because of climate change or whatever:

How ironic is it that it was boomers like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates who provided you with the technology and/or the devices-which experts say are "contributing" to climate change-where you say how boomers "deserve" to be infected with this virus.

Going back to Bill Maher, I did find it amusing when he said THIS guy was like, and I quote, "a porn star whose dick fell off".

While we're at it, Bill, for someone who says adults should grow up and stop reading comics, what the hell were you doing dressing up for Halloween? I mean, the last I checked, wasn't that a kids's holiday?

Oh, and speaking of dumb shit Bill Maher has said, one time during one of his HBO comedy specials Bill "defended" this teacher named Debra Lafave who years ago pled GUILTY to raping her 14-year-old student.

Bill added how Debra had committed no real crime and added how the ONLY "crime" in her case was that we didn't get the RAPE on video, which, of course, drew thunderous applause from the audience.

Of course, if Bill did HAVE such a video in his possession he would likely be arrested and sent to the pokey himself for possessing-wait for it!-CHILD PORN.

You STILL want to say how much "smarter" you are than everyone else, Bill?

All this is why I prefer Bill Maher back during the good ol' days when he was doing shit like licking chocolate syrup off women in Playboy!

Ah, mammaries, uh, I mean memories!

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