My Unpopular Opinion: Why I Can No Longer Effing Stand Stephen King
My Unpopular Opinion: Why I Can No Longer Effing Stand Stephen King stephen king stories

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Bill Maher, eat your heart out!

My Unpopular Opinion: Why I Can No Longer Effing Stand Stephen King

by tbanarchy

I posted earlier about the dumb shit talk show host/comedian Bill Maher recently said about the coronavirus.

However, legendary horror author Stephen King also recently, uh-hum, remarked about the virus that was even MORE stupid than what Bill had said.

King posted over on-where else!-Twitter about Trump's recent press conference on the coronavirus where he was surrounded by his coronavirus "team" where he tweeted the following:

"Note that Trump’s coronavirus team is all male, all old, and all white."

Really, Steve? REALLY?

What was especially ironic about what Steve said was how just a few weeks before Steve ran aroul of the "woke" Twitter mob when he dared suggest how movies should be judged on their own merits and NOT how "diverse" they are.

But I guess THAT same criteria does NOT apply to doctors who can possibly save people from a pandemic and/or especially if they work for Trump whom Steve tweets about constantly.

In fact, Steve tweets shit about Trump so much I'm surprised he still has the time to write anymore horror books!

Besides, I wonder if Steve uses the SAME criteria to pick and choose which doctors he and his family go sees? If I had to hazard a guess, I would say probably NOT.

Speaking strictly for myself, I personally DON'T care how "old, white & male" Trump's coronavirus team is if they can keep a lot of people from getting infected with this damn virus, you know what I mean?

What's definitely NOT going to keep people from becoming ill with the coronavirus are these sanctimonious celebrities like Bill Maher and Stephen King "virtue-signaling" to the "woke" mob on Twitter who are saying how "glad" they are this virus is "targeting" boomers (like Bill & Steve!).

But apparently Steve has gotten back in the good graces of the "woke" mob on Twatter seeing as how his coronavirus tweets has so far received over 117,000 "likes" on the Twatter.

That is, until the NEXT time he says and/or does something to "trigger" these little "woke" bastards (which, as I've pointed out MANY times before, does NOT take much!)!

All of this is kind of a shame, really, since I've been a huge fan of Stephen King for years. In fact, King has been a major influence on my own writing.

My all-time favorite Stephen King books include his short story collection Night Shift, his book on writing appropriately-titled On Writing and his novel Rage (which is no longer in print due to school shootings).

But I wonder just how many books by Stephen King the "wokesters" on Twatter who "liked" his coronavirus tweet have ever bought and/or read? Again, I'm guessing NONE?

Of course, the ultimate irony about Stephen King's tweet is how he's a-wait for it!-OLD WHITE GUY!!!! (Seriously, Steve, do you NOT own a fucking mirror in your house?)

Not only that, but-again, speaking strictly for myself-I personally DON'T need any "morality lectures" from someone who once put a-and, no, I'm NOT making this up!-KID ORGY in one of his books.

And I'll give you three guesses as to which book I'm talking about. Here's a hint: It's the one with the killer clown that was recently made into a hit movie, which, of course, left out the KID ORGY. (Gee, I wonder WHY!)

Seriously, if I tried to put THAT into one of my books-which I, of course, would NOT do in a million years!-I would likely be getting a knock on my front door by the FBI (or at least that Steve Hansen fella

So Bill Maher defends a CHILD RAPIST and Stephen King puts a KID ORGY into one of his books. Seriously, WTF is wrong with these "woke" Hollywood types anyway?

Oh wait, never mind!

And let's not forget THIS guy!

Going back to Stephen King, I actually had my fill of Steve's "woke" PC BS back during that whole Brett Kavanaugh debacle.

After senator Susan Collins-who is a Republican-dared to suggest how Brett deserved "due process" under the law just like every other American, Steve vowed on-where else!-Twitter to "destroy" her.

As I recall, I think I tweeted to Steve in response how "woke" celebrities like him DON'T get to decide who does and who doesn't receive "due process" under the law in this country. (And, if I didn't, I wish I did have!)

Anyone who says unbelievably dumb shit like THAT is not someone I wish to "support" and/or give my money to no matter how much of a fan I am of them or rather used to be.

But, there again, this IS coming from someone who put a KID ORGY into one of his books.

Again, really, Steve? REALLY?

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