My Unpopular Opinion: My Views On "Woke" Environmentalism
My Unpopular Opinion: My Views On "Woke" Environmentalism environment stories

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by tbanarchy So a recent study suggested that doing Google searches may be "contributing" to so-called climate change.

My Unpopular Opinion: My Views On "Woke" Environmentalism

by tbanarchy

So a recent study suggested that doing Google searches may be "contributing" to so-called climate change.

According to this study, doing one Google search adds as much dreaded CO2 into the atmosphere as boiling a kettle of water on the stove.

Apparently it has something to do with all the energy expelled at all of the "data centers" that Google has around the country.

You know, the "data centers" Google uses to keep track not only on ALL of your Google searches but of EVERYTHING that you do on Google Chrome.

Which is why the "default" web browser on my laptop is Opera but I digress!

Anyway, that study got me to thinking about self-proclaimed "woke" environmentalists like that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and pratically ALL of the current Democratic presidential candidates.

I especially got to thinking about all the things AOC and her "woke" environmental brethren had advocated BANNING in the name of "protecting" the environment such as cars and even plastic straws.


I wonder if they're going to add doing Google searches to their ever-growing list of things that most people uses on a daily basis that needs to be BANNED in order to "combat" so-called climate change.

But, given how Google has itself proclaimed how "woke" THEY are, something tells me AOC and her "woke" climate change ilk WON'T be adding Google searches-or Google in general-to their "shit we MUST ban or else" list anytime soon.

Ironically, Google recently held a "climate change summit" in Italy that was attended by celebrities-of course!-such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Katy Perry.

The Italian press reported that MANY of the celebs who were "concerned" about so-called climate change attended said summit in private jets AND yachts.

Because, you know, "woke"!

While I'm all for a "cleaner" environment and all that, at the same time I don't wish to be lectured about the "evils" of using plastic straws by the SAME celebs and politicians who fly around in their gas-guzzling private planes.

And let's NOT forget those staunch environmentalists who are SO concerned about things like the waters rising that they buy million-dollar mansions right next to the damn ocean!

And, yeah, I'm looking at YOU, Al Gore! (Man, talk about an "inconvenient truth"!)

BTW, does anyone remember back when that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez put out that Instagram video where she suggested growing cauliflower might be-and, no, I'm NOT making this up!-RACIST?

So does THIS mean anyone who grows cauliflower is as bad or WORSE than that German guy with the funny-looking mustache?

Just asking, AOC!

I swear, this woman IS the left-wing Sarah Palin! (And I, of course, DON'T mean that as a compliment!)

Let's face it, if AOC were a Republican like Palin, SNL would be doing skits mocking her ass starring Tina Fey.

And Tina Fey could apparently use the work since she's now been regulated to doing mattress commercials. (No offense, Tina!)

As for "woke" Katy Perry, I myself preferred Miss Perry back when she was showing off her ta-tas and singing about kissing chicks AND liking it!

And, of course, BEFORE she started looking like that kid from those Home Alone flicks! (Again, no offense, Katy!)

As for my own views on the environment, I piss on a tree EVERY chance I get!

Now if that's NOT "woke" I don't know WHAT is!

I mean, as I pointed out, it's NOT like these self-proclaimed "woke" environmentalists are living in grass huts and riding around in rickshaws, you know what I mean?

Because, you know, WOKE!

As for Google SPYING on its users and/or what said users "search" for, there's always DuckDuckGo!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to do some, uh-hum, searches of some gals kissing each other (and a hell of a lot MORE!)!

Because, you know, that's fucking WOKE!

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