My "Troubling" Thoughts!
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You've been WARNED! https://www.pinkflamingo....

My "Troubling" Thoughts!

by tbanarchy

When I saw this "story challenge" on Commaful I thought it was tailor-made for ME!

Anyone who's read my posts can probably tell my head is FULL of "troubling" thoughts!

If you look at my "browsing history" you can also tell I have "troubling" thoughts!

This is why I could NEVER run for President of the United States.

Hell, I couldn't even run for local shit scooper!

Now when I say I have "troubling thoughts" I mean LEGAL "troubling thoughts".

I mean, I don't want people thinking I'm like, say, that Subway guy.

The Marquis de Sade, maybe! (You know, since I write "dirty" books and, uh-hum, enjoy smut!)

If you want to see more examples of my "troubling thoughts", check out my latest book-written under my pen name of Angel Ray-called MISTRESS X & THE GAME published by Pink Flamingo (yes, that's their REAL name!).

Seriously, I'm shocked a publisher had the balls to publish THAT book! It makes 50 Shades Of Grey read more like Dr. Seuss!

Anyway, the link to the book is in the description below. (I know, shameless plug!)

And speaking of plugs . . .

Now THAT'S what I call a "troubling thought"!

And speaking of "troubling thoughts", here's singer Katy Perry doing . . . whatever the hell THIS is!

Come on, admit it, you thought it was going to be another gif of Elvira, DIDN'T you?

Now who's the one having "troubling thoughts", you pervs!

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