My Thoughts On The (Sorry?) State Of Cinema In 2018
My Thoughts On The (Sorry?) State Of Cinema In 2018 cinema stories

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My Thoughts On The (Sorry?) State Of Cinema In 2018

by tbanarchy

According to reports, the top 3 biggest-grossing movies of 2018 were (in order):

Black Panther

The Avengers

The Incredibles 2

So movies based on old comic books for kids and a sequel to an animated film that came out over a decade ago made the MOST money in Hollywood last year.

The rest of the top ten was also filled with comic book flicks and animated sequels and/or "reboots" of films that have been done before-and arguably better-such as Aquaman and The Grinch.

I know Hollywood is a business like any other and they have to make a profit (especially for their shareholders), but, come on, does anyone in Tinsel Town have ANY "original" ideas any longer?

While there were a few more "adult" movies in the top 20, the rest were still CGI-laden comic book flicks, sequels and "reboots" put out by studios that are mostly owned by Disney who, of course, "owns" Marvel and Star Wars.

Which I found more than a little ironic seeing as how George Lucas likely couldn't make Star Wars today since it's NOT a proven franchise. (And, with the way things are going with SW, it won't be a "proven franchise" much longer!)

I can remember back when there were at least a few "independent" movie studios that put out flicks that were different than the standard tripe Hollywood was churning out.

Then the major Hollywood studios bought up the more "independent" ones and they started putting out the same cinematic tripe the major studios were putting out. (Sort of like how Disney is buying up ALL the studios.)

Even the Sundance Channel and IFC-which stands for the Independent Film Channel (or at least it USED to!)-have stopped showing "independent" films altogether and instead show reruns of, say, Law & Order.

What I find more ironic about this is that, with the technology that's available to people now, you'd think there'd be MORE "independent" films and entertainment in general.

But it seems that corporations like Disney are trying to put more of a "stranglehold" on what "entertainment" the average person can consume. (That's my opinion anyway.)

Of course, some-or many-so-called "independent" movies tended to be pretentious crap or, as Cartman on South Park put it, "gay cowboys eating pudding". But at least they were something different besides comic book flicks & "reboots".

Now I do watch the comic book flicks since I read comic books as a kid, but I usually watch these flicks once and don't bother with them anymore.

But sometimes I'd like to watch a film that DIDN'T feature grown men dressed in spandex beating the shit out of each other, you know what I mean?

So do I think things will "improve" in Hollywood and that they'll feature more "originality" in films anytime in the near future?

Let's just say I won't be holding my breath, OK? OK!

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