My Thoughts On That "Controversial" Game Of Thrones Finale
My Thoughts On That "Controversial" Game Of Thrones Finale game of thrones stories

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I got your "winter" right HERE!

My Thoughts On That "Controversial" Game Of Thrones Finale

by tbanarchy

Here are my own thoughts about the "controversial" finale of the "uber"-popular HBO Game Of Thrones show:

I don't give a shit!

In fact, not only did I not give a shit about the GOT finale, I didn't even watch a single second of the episode!

In fact, I've never even watched a single episode of GOT since it's been on (though I have seen clips of the show on YouTube)!

But that's partly because I don't have HBO, but, even if I did, I still wouldn't have watched a single second of GOT!

And I feel I'm a MUCH human being for it!

In fact, the ONLY time I've EVER given a shit about GOT was when that dragon lady showed off her medieval ta-tas!

Which, of course, she stopped doing when the show began winning Emmys (since apparently dragon lady ta-tas DON'T win Emmys).

Anyway, instead of watching the GOT finale, I watched the season finale of "super woke" Socialjusticegirl, uh, I mean, Supergirl!

And I definitely DON'T feel like I'm a MUCH better human being for having watched THAT "super woke" shit!

And just how "super woke"-get it?-was THAT show? Well, Lex Luthor-played by one of the "men" from Two & A Half Men-quoted HITLER.

Plus the "president" on the show got removed from office due to the 25th Amendment of the Constitution. And SG bragged how the MEDIA "saved" the country.

Gee, I wonder what and/or who THAT was supposed to be in "reference" to? (Subtle!)

But this is the show on the CW-which apparently stands for Completely Woke-that totally emasculated Superman to make Socialjusticegirl, uh, I mean Supergirl look good so there you go!

Going back to GOT, not only have I never watched a single show, I've also never read a single GOT book.

Maybe-just maybe!-if they called it something like The Dragon Lady Who Showed Off Her Ta-Tas or The Adventures Of The Dragon Boob Woman I would have given a shit about it THEN.

But, again, naked dragon chicks obviously DON'T win Emmys so, again, there you go!

Speaking of NOT winning any Emmys, the writers who wrote this, uh-hum, beloved season of GOT have reportedly been hired by Disney to pen the NEXT Star Wars movie.

Because, you know, FUCK logic!

And, speaking of fucking logic, one thing I-and others-have wondered is why DIDN'T the "critics" of the GOT finale get the SAME amount of shit that the critics of say, The Last Jedi, Captain Marvel AND the all-female Ghostbusters reboot got.

You know, the ones who were-and STILL are-called "sexist" and "racist" and even a NAZI for daring to say ANYTHING even remotely "negative" about these, uh-hum, beloved movies?

Hell, even I've been called an "incel"-whatever the "woke" hell THAT is!-on-where else!-Twitter for daring to "criticize" TLJ!

But I guess you can talk shit about ANYTHING so long as you're "woke" enough, huh, Twatterers?

And, speaking of being "woke", here's a "woke" shot of the CW's Supergirl. (Man, that's some "woke" cameltoe!)

And here's another "woke" shot of SG, uh-hum, handling a BIG ice cream cone! (Again, subtle!)

And here's a final shot of GOT's dragon boob lady doing the dragon nasty. May she rest in piece, uh, I mean peace!

"Winter is coming!" indeed!

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