My Thoughts On Kelly Marie Tran "Leaving" Instagram
My Thoughts On Kelly Marie Tran "Leaving" Instagram instagram stories

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This is one of my more "serious" pieces.

My Thoughts On Kelly Marie Tran "Leaving" Instagram

(& A Few Thoughts On Star Wars "Fans" In General)

by tbanarchy

So actress Kelly Marie Tran-who, of course, played the character Rose in Star Wars: The Last Jedi-recently deleted ALL of her posts on Instagam.

Some-especially in the Disney-ass-kissing media-have speculated it was because Tran was bullied & threatened OFF the site by irate SW "fans" who hated her character.

Of course, no one has yet to provide any actual proof that this happened as even Tran herself has yet to comment publicly as to why she "left" Instagram.

That still HASN'T stopped her fellow celebrities like talk show host Stephen Colbert & Tran's TLJ co-star Mark Hamill from coming to her "defense".

Stephen Colbert, for instance, blasted what HE called "racist nerds" for Tran's sudden departure from Instagram on both his show and on-where else!-Twitter.

Which I found rather ironic considering how HIS "fans" once bullied & threatened an "activist" named Suey Park-who, like Tran, is also Asian-because she dared criticize Steve for once making an Asian "joke" on his old show.

And, unlike with Miss Tran, there ARE actual posts to back THIS up. (Plus Park herself went on the Syfy show "The Internet Ruined My Life" to talk about what happened to her.)

Mark Hamill likewise tweeted #GetALifeNerds in response to the purported "harassment" of Miss Tran which, again, I found to be odd considering how if "nerds" DID "get a life" as Mr. Hamill suggested he probably WOULDN'T have a "job" in show business.

But I digress . . .

But what I'd like to know is where the hell were THESE "white knights" when Tran was (allegedly) BEING "harassed" on Instagram? Why DID they wait until AFTER she "left" the site to say ANYTHING about it?

Maybe-just maybe!-they were too busy virtue-signaling against THIS guy to notice (or to care!)? You think?

Not only that, but where WAS all this "support" when commentntator Kat Timpf was ACTUALLY being harassed after she dared poke fun at SW fans during an appearance on Fox (Non) News?

Was it because Kat, unlike Kelly, was a "non-Asian" who was on-gasp!-Fox (Non) News and therefore there was NO politically correct narrative her "defenders" could push?

Just asking!

Of course, I have little doubt that Miss Tran was harassed on Instagram, at least to SOME degree, what with so-called social media being what it is and all (in short, a cesspool).

One of Tran's earlier posts that I saw on Instagram addressed this, saying how she was "worried" about the possible "harassment" but added how she WASN'T going to let it affect her.

Because, let's face it, there IS a segment of Star Wars "fans" who DO shit like this. Just ask Jake Lloyd who got shit for starring in the SW prequel The Phantom Menace AND HE WAS A KID!!!!

On the one hand, you have the Comic Book Guy wannabes who whine to this day how George Lucas-the CREATOR of Star Wars-had RAPED their childhood with the prequels.

On the other hand, you have the current PC "fans" of SW who call ANYONE who dares criticize their "beloved" TLJ as "racist" and/or "sexist" (or worse).

To which I say to BOTH groups: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

Going back to Kelly Marie Tran, I don't mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist here, but I wonder if this was just Disney's cynical attempt to "shame" people into "liking" her much-maligned character in TLJ.

If that's the case (and, frankly, I wouldn't put it past them), I say I still think the character Rose SUCKS regaardless of what happened to Miss Tran on Instagram.

I, of course, DON'T blame Miss Tran for this. She was just an actress playing a character however subpar and poorly-developed that character might have been.

I put the blame squarely on THIS guy who admitted in an interview how Rose wasn't a "typical" SW character and how he shoehorned her into the film because she was like a girl he would have liked to hang out with in school.

Seriously, Rian, WTF?

But, then again, this was the SAME guy who'd thought it would be a grand idea to put in a "flying" Princess Leia into a SW flick so there you go!

All of this is just SOME of the reasons why I'm DONE with Disney PC Star Wars. If these PCers want the Disney PC SW, they can HAVE the Disney PC SW.

Yeah, I know, BIGOT!!!!

And, BTW, I liked the Star Wars prequels and have long defended George Lucas for MAKING them. And, yeah, I also DIDN'T have a problem with Jar-Jar Binks.

And anyone who thinks ill of me for THAT can live long and SUCK IT!!!! Especially you jackasses who actually talked shit about George Lucas-again, the guy who CREATED Star Wars!-for daring to make them.

Now THAT'S what I call going over to the Dark Side!

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