My Thoughts On Kanye West
My Thoughts On Kanye West celebrities stories

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Because, you know, whatever Kanye West says or does is SO damn important (at least according to the all-knowing media!)! #SarcasmAlert

My Thoughts On Kanye West

(Yeah, I know!)

by tbanarchy

As most probably already know by now, rapper Kanye West's "meeting" with Donald Trump in the White House has been the TOP "news" story for the better part of the week.

The last time a celebrity going to the White House got THIS much media attention was when Elvis Presley went to see president Richard Nixon and Elvis was given an "anti-drugs" badge.

Oh, the delicious irony! (Too soon?)

Anyway, as I've posted MANY times before, I don't care what celebrities think or feel about "political" issues so I won't bother to comment on what Kanye actually said.

What I found interesting about the Kanye "controversy" is how it's shown how BOTH sides can be equally full-of-shit.

On the right side, the SAME pundits who say celebrities should STFU about "politics" & just "entertain" have been applauding Kanye's "visit" with Trump in the WH.

On the left side, the SAME pundits who always applaud celebrities espousing their "political" opinions and how they have the "right" to espouse them are saying how Kanye should STFU & just entertain.

And let's NOT forget how on the right pundits-and Trump!-have been saying how football star Colin Kaepernick & other football stars SHOULD stand for the National Anthem and NOT kneel during their games.

Likewise, on the left the pundits who have gone after Kanye for "visiting" Trump in the Oval Office said NOTHING about the DOZENS of famous folk who "visited" THIS guy while he was president.

And that includes, of course, celebs who have condemned their fellow celeb Kanye for daring to "visit" you-know-who in the White House, including fellow rapper Jay-Z (who once compared himself to Dr. King in Playboy).

Same shit. Different smell!

It would seem to me Kanye West has as MUCH right to "visit" Trump in the White House-and "praise" him!-as that Colin Kaepernick has to kneel during the National Anthem. But, then again, I'm not a well-paid media pundit so what do I know!

Like, for instance, CNN's Don Lemon who called Kanye's trip to the WH a, and I quote, "minstrel show". Which I found interesting seeing how CNN has been slapped with about 3 or 4 "racial discrimination" lawsuits of which they had to "settle". Whoops!

The bottom line is, celebrities have as much right as anyone else to espouse their "political" opinions whatever those opinions might be. But, at the same time, I don't have to kiss their asses for it which, for the most part, I don't.

There's NO reason why Kanye West's visit to Trump in the White House should have been front-page news for as long as it was when there were no doubt far more important stories to focus on.

For instance, while the Kanye sideshow was going on, Trump signed a bill-with bipartisan support-that helps people stop overpaying for drugs at their pharmacy that got little media attention compared to Kanye even though it's far MORE important.

But, as long as celebrities make good "clickbait", this will no doubt continue. It's kind of like how the "anti-Trump" media gave MILLIONS of dollars worth of free publicity to Trump during the elections than any other candidate, including Hillary Clinton.

"Fake news" indeed! (BTW, the assertion Trump created the phrase "fake news" is in itself "fake news" since this phrase was used by the media to describe stories they DIDN'T want to report on. Jon Stewart himself used this phrase all the time to describe The Daily Show while he was hosting it.)

Going back to Kanye, everyone DOES remember who it is he's "married" to, right? (I'm just saying!)

Oh, one more thing about Coliln Kaepernick: He has said he intends to "trademark" his face and hairstyle. (Seriously, what?)

Does Screech from Saved By The Bell know about this?

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