My Thoughts On "Fresh"
My Thoughts On "Fresh" fresh stories
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tbanarchy Sometimes serious, mostly snarky author.
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My Thoughts On "Fresh"

by tbanarchy

What a stupid word.

Honestly, I can't think of a time I've ever used that word in my personal life or in my writing.

Maybe I'd use it if I was high or something.

Or maybe had a loaded gun pointed to my head and was forced to say it. You know, something like that.

So please do me a favor . . .

If I ever use some variation of the phrase "That's so fresh!" just shoot me. Just put me out of my damn misery already!

Of course, I'm not knocking anyone who uses that phrase.

It's a "free" country. You're "free" to use whatever phrase you want so long as you're not actually threatening someone.

But speaking strictly for myself . . .

There are plenty of other words and phrases I'd rather use. (And you can, of course, figure it out for yourself what those words & phrases might be!)

Now that's what I call "fresh"!

Sh!t. (Which is, of course, one of those words I'd rather use!)

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