My Thoughts On "Filmmaker" James Gunn
My Thoughts On "Filmmaker" James Gunn controversial stories
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This piece is MEANT to offend. You've been WARNED!

My Thoughts On "Filmmaker" James Gunn

by tbanarchy

By now I'm sure most everyone has heard about the "controversy" surrounding Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn.

For those few who haven't heard, several creepy-ass tweets were unearthed by Gunn that "joked" about doing "things" to CHILDREN and other "questionable" topics.

As a result, James Gunn shockingly was FIRED by "family-friendly" Disney because he merely tweeted about doing "things" to CHILDREN. (Shocking!)

The PCers over on-where else!-Twitter have been bending over backwards to DEFEND Mr. Gunn for said creepy-ass tweets.

These were the SAME PCers who raked comedian Daniel Tosh FOR WEEKS about his RAPE JOKE to a female heckler & who lectured us FOR WEEKS about how telling RAPE JOKES was NOT PC.

Now these SAME PCers are DEFENDING James Gunn for tweeting about "killing Mexican whores" & "ass-raping" women while they're asleep.

Nice going, PCers! Way to be "consistent" with your OWN politically correct bullshit!

Of course, I'm sure James Gunn being a MAJOR PCer himself who constantly tweets how much he "hates" THIS guy had NOTHING whatsoever to do with the PCers ardent "defense" of him.

I mean, I'm sure they'd defend ANYONE for telling "jokes" on Twitter-no matter HOW "offensive" they were-regardless of their "political" views.

Right, Roseanne?

Not surprisingly, James Gunn CHEERED when Roseanne got FIRED by ABC for posting her "bad joke" on Twitter, saying ABC had EVERY right to fire her.

But now the PCers are saying "family-friendly" Disney had NO right to FIRE Mr. Gunn & even started a petition DEMANDING that Gunn be rehired as the director of GOTG.

And, of course, the PCers have attacked those who dared to unearth James Gunn's creepy-ass tweets, accusing THEM of being-that's right!-"pro-Trump" NAZIS.

Never mind the FACT that James Gunn was the one who POSTED all those creepy-ass tweets & didn't delete them (10,000 of them, BTW) until AFTER they were exposed.

While I'm not the biggest Trump fan myself, it's not HIS fault that James Dunn did all of this creepy-ass shit. He's got no one to blame but HIMSELF.

Now anyone who reads my stuff knows I have NO problem with "off-color" jokes and/or dark humor. But, hell, even I have my limits. I don't have many limits, of course, but I do have them!

Not that I mind REAL comedians who do "jokes" like this from time to time so long as they're actually FUNNY. For instance, here's a "dark" joke from ACTUAL comedian Zach Galifianakis:

"I've thought about becoming a Catholic priest. I hear they get all the action!" (Ba-da-BOOM!) You see, unlike what James Gunn tweeted, this was a REAL joke that was actually-oh, what's that word again?-FUNNY.

And I might even be more willing to defend James Gunny myself were he NOT such a virtue-signaling jackass who was quick to throw shade on anyone who didn't share his "political" views.

So that's why I say to James Gunn on his firing DON'T let the door hit you on your "virtuous" (pedophilic?) ass on your way OUT!

Hell, this guy even LOOKS like someone you'd see on that Megan's Law site!

But I actually AGREE with the PCers that rape jokes are totally unacceptable (unless, of course, you're a fellow PCer like James Gunn!). Rape jokes sound SO forced!

Now for ANY PCer who got "offended" by me saying THAT, let me just respond with one of the tweets from James Gunn that they DEFENDED:

"Just made a joke about ass-raping my friend when she was asleep."


Oh, one MORE thing: Anyone else who had tweeted about doing "things" to CHILDREN would not only have probably gotten BANNED from Twitter but they probably also would've gotten a "visit" by the FBI.

Just saying!

Truthfully, I don't really care WHAT the likes of James Gunn tweets. But, as always, I can't stand the blatant hypocrisy of this.

So the NEXT time some virtue-signaling PCer gets butthurt over something "offensive" I've said I'll just say I've got TWO words to say to them:


Here's an update: Since this post was written, James Gunn has been REHIRED by Disney and Marvel a whopping nine months AFTER he'd been fired for tweeting about RAPING CHILDREN AND KILLING WOMEN.

Now, I ask you, how often does THAT happen to anyone else who's been fired from their job (unless, of course, there's a big-ass lawsuit involved)?

Of course, the PCers are all doing a victory dance on-where else!-Twitter since their "hero" and "idol" has been rehired by big, bad Disney.

But, wait, I seem to recall Marvel studios head Kevin Feige vowing to hire only FEMALE movie directors for upcoming Marvel superhero flicks.

So he couldn't find ONE waman director to direct the next Guardians Of The Galaxy flick? Or, better yet, a POC? Instead, they went with the WHITE guy instead?

Instead of "celebrating", shouldn't the PCers be "outraged" by this? (You know, "white privilege" and that whole thing?)

Of course, this makes about as much sense as everything ELSE Disney has been doing in recent years (like, for instance, extending Kathleen Kennedy's contract AFTER she fucked up Star Wars).

Going back to James Gunn, I actually liked the first GOTG. In fact, it is-or was-one of my favorite Marvel movies. I didn't even know-or care-who had directed it.

And, in MANY ways, I still wish I didn't know who directed it, if you know what I mean.

But, just like with everything ELSE in this country nowadays, this was done primarily to appease the Twitter mob. And is yet another reason why Disney-and especially James (pedophilic?) Gunn-won't be getting anymore of MY money anytime soon.

Now, since he's been rehired, James Gunn will apparently be free to throw as many of his "pedophile parties" as he wants. And, yes, he actually DID that at one point. (Google it.)

So much for Disney being a "family-friendly" company, huh, PCers?

I wonder, since James Gunn got HIS "job" back, will others who have been fired for saying "offensive" shit on Twitter will likewise get THEIR jobs back like, say, Roseanne?

Somehow I seriously doubt THAT.

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