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My Thoughts On Baseball baseball stories

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Batter UP!

My Thoughts On Baseball

by tbanarchy

Here are my own personal thoughts on America's so-called pastime baseball:

It sucks ASS!

Seriously, you'd think a game involving balls AND bats would be MORE exciting but NO.

It's like that episode of The Simpsons where Homer quits drinking and he goes to a baseball game and says how he never realized just how BORING this game was while watching it sober.

Which, of course, explains WHY they sell beer at all the baseball games!

While we're at it, I'm not much of a beer drinker either.

Of course, I'm don't care for watching other games such as football or basketball.

Of course, I learned to detest football after growing up in the jock shithole that WAS my hometown where if you WERN'T a jock you were treated like you were dog shit (less than dog shit, actually!).

Going back to baseball, while I don't watch the games, I do collect the baseball cards (which I've posted about before), although those seem to be getting harder and harder to find.

So, if you're an actual fan of baseball, by all means keep enjoying the game. Far be it from ME to tell others what they should and shouldn't be into. (I mean, this ISN'T Twitter, after all!)

As for me, I think I would rather have root canal performed on my anus than to have to sit through even HALF a game of baseball (ditto basketball AND football!).

Now maybe-just maybe-if they had a bunch of scantily-clad hot chicks playing baseball, then maybe-just maybe!-I might be MORE inclined to watch a game (or two!)!

This is why, if I have to watch a sporting event, I prefer to, uh-hum, watch women's beach volleyball!

Now THERE'S a sport! And, best of all, you DON'T have to care who wins or who loses!

Yeah, yeah, I know!

One more thing about baseball: I did like the baseball film Cobb about baseball legend Ty Cobb starring Tommy Lee Jones as Cobb. I also thought the flick Major League was funny.

Even though it DID star drug-taking, HIV-infecting, porn star banging AND beating Charlie Sheen! (Yeah, you can tell I'm a BIG fan!)

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