My Thoughts On "Acceptance"
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Accept THIS!

My Thoughts On "Acceptance"

by tbanarchy

Hey, have you ever gone to the zoo and thought, "Man, that is one sexy-ass monkey!"

Or is it just me?

I got kicked out of a zoo once.

I went over to the monkeys and one of the little bastards threw his feces at me.

So I threw a big handful of my own feces right back at him.

A couple of PETA people who were there saw what I did and got pissed off and threw their feces at me.

So both the monkey and I threw our feces right back at them.

It was a big feces-throwing mess.

Hey, have you ever noticed how those PETA people don't ever seem to go after bikers wearing leather?

Probably for the SAME reason you DON'T see any of these Antifa "protesters" trying to beat up a biker wearing you-know-who's gear .

Just saying!

Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to be talking about "acceptance" here.

I really DON'T give a shit if people "accept" my pervy ass or not.

And now here's a gif of Elvira showing off HER monkeys (sans feces!)!

Boy, it's been a little while since I've included a "chesty" Elvira gif in one of my pieces, hasn't it?

Enjoy my fellow pervs!

And DON'T forget to spank your monkey!


Oh yeah, just how kick-ass is that song "Balls to The Wall" by the eighties heavy metal group Accept?

Their album "Balls To The Wall" drew some controversy in the US because of their supposedly "homoerotic" songs on the album like "London Leatherboys" and, of course, the album cover (which the band denied).

Doesn't seem very "accepting", does it?

Again, just saying!

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