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tbanarchyI am a snarky published writer.
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by tbanarchy

About some of the weird sh!t I've gone through . . .

I feel that I've lived a kind of weird type of life. Some of the "weirdness" has been interesting, some of it, well, NOT so much! I'm not saying my life has been "special", just effing weird!

I grew up in a "haunted" house. (No, really!)

My Dad said he saw the ghost of a woman sitting on his bed one night in our house years before he met & married my mother. A psychic told my Mom it was this "ghost" that ended their marriage.

My "hometown" was like Friday Night Lights . . . on acid.

I grew up in a small town in Arkansas where if you weren't a "jock" you were considered NOTHING. And both the school AND the town made you feel like you were NOTHING if you weren't a "jock".

When I was a kid I wanted to be a superhero.

I wanted to be a superhero because I was bullied a lot at school and I saw how superheroes always kicked the ass of people who tried to "bully" them. Plus I thought all other "jobs" SUCKED.

My childhood wasn't what you'd call the greatest.

Without going into TOO much detail, I experienced some odd sometimes "bad" things in my childhood. That's one of the reasons why I'm into Star Wars because it helped me cope with these things.

I've had some crazy rumors started about me.

The craziest being I was going to go on some kind of shooting spree the night of my high school graduation after I had trashed the school in some "newsletters" I wrote. This was BEFORE the Web.

Music and writing have often been my salvation.

I feel this is pretty self-explanatory. I'm also into being "creative" as there is constantly ideas & things running around in my head at ANY given moment, which is, of course, why I'm a writer.

I admit I'm a smartass. (And please DON'T say, "No sh!t!")

I admit that I use sarcasm and/or humor as a coping mechanism sometimes. And sometimes I'm a smartass for the sake of being a smartass because I feel I'm pretty damn good at being a smartass!

I hate being in "crowded" situations.

Some of the worst experiences I've had have been among crowds of people, and that includes people I know, who for whatever reason decided to gang up on me. This is why I'm "nervous" among crowds.

Don't ask me about my "love" life.

One thing people always want to know is how your "love" life is. To get an idea of my own "love" life, just look at the Al Bundy gif and you'll get an idea of how my "love" life has gone, OK? OK!

I lost my "precious" virginity at age 17.

That's something else people always seem to want to know about you. The girl-who, of course, shall remain nameless-was from out of state. And that's pretty much all I'm gonna say about THAT!

I'm NOT an alcoholic or a drug addict. I don't even smoke.

I have NEVER had a drug or alcohol problem. I'll maybe drink a beer a couple of times a year (usually on New Year's Eve). My "drugs" are music, writing, sleep & "sexy" entertainment. (Wink!)

I have a kind of bohemian lifestyle.

I've lived in three different states & have had several different addresses since graduating from high school, which have been in Arkansas, Louisiana & Missouri. Don't ask which one is my fave.

Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing here.

I'm sure we've all had those thoughts sometimes-the "meaning" of life and all that-but sometimes I feel as if I'm in black & white while everyone else is in color, if THAT makes any sense.

I feel I'm an effed up person (which can be a GOOD thing!).

I don't think I'm being overly-dramatic when I say this about myself, though I don't have any sort of "criminal" record (in spite of those crazy-ass rumors spread about me I mentioned earlier!).

I don't want people to "pity" me in ANY way.

I haven't written ANY of this to elicit "pity" or "sympathy" from people. (I hate that!) I'm just speaking honestly about some (but not all) of the aspects of my weird sometimes effed up life!

And to all those who've EVER tried to "hurt" me . . .

Well, YOU know!

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