My "Review" Of The New Charlie's Angels Trailer
My "Review" Of The New Charlie's Angels Trailer charlie's angels stories

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by tbanarchy I posted a piece earlier "comparing" the Charlie's Angels franchise to that of the all-female "reboot" of Ghostbusters.

My "Review" Of The New Charlie's Angels Trailer

by tbanarchy

I posted a piece a few months ago "comparing" the Charlie's Angels movie franchise to that of the all-female "reboot" of Ghostbusters.

I mentioned in the piece how they were scheduled to do a-what else!-reboot of CA that's going to be coming out later on this year.

Again, like I posted earlier, this reboot stars actress Kristen Stewart-a.k.a. the weird chick from that "sparkly vampire" flick Twilight-and a couple of other actresses whom I've still never heard of before.

They've since come out with a trailer for the upcoming CA film I watched on YouTube. So I thought it would be interesting if I "reviewed" it here.

The trailer begins with one of the Angels-Kristen Stewart in a blond wig-smiling and saying to this guy, "I think a woman can do anything!"

Oh boy.

This flick also stars actress Elizabeth Banks (no relation!)-who also directed the film-who stars as the character Bosley who was initially a MAN.

Oh boy!

Actually, to be honest, the trailer didn't look all that bad. It certainly looked A LOT better than the trailer to that "girlie" Ghostbusters flick (which really ISN'T saying much!)!

The main part I liked was seeing Patrick Stewart who apparently plays another Bosley. (Yeah, I don't know either!)

But, even with Patrick Stewart, there was still NOTHING in the trailer to make we want to pay good money to go see the damn thing.

Kind of like how seeing the trailer to the upcoming Star Wars flick DIDN'T make me change my mind about giving "woke" Disney anymore of MY money even WITH Lando in the film.

No offense, Billy Dee Williams!

Anyway, like the Star Wars trailer, one thing I noticed about the Charlie's Angels trailer is that it looked, well, bland (just like everything ELSE in this country nowadays).

I mean, the last two Charlie's Angels flicks starring Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore & Cameron Diaz were actually fun to watch and the actresses looked like they were having fun making them.

Compare THAT to the rather bored-looking faces on the actresses in the new Charlie's Angels flick. But, then again, Kristen Stewart ALWAYS looks bored but I digress!

And it probably goes without saying that you DON'T see the abundant T & A you saw not only in the other Charlie's Angels flicks but in the original 70s show as well. (Anyone remember T & A?)

Actually, while I watched the trailer, it reminded me more of a show that aired for a couple of seasons some years ago called She Spies than it did Charlie's Angels.

For those who've never seen the show, it was more of a "spoof" of Charlie's Angels that starred the hot blond naked chick from those Species movies with the rather funny name.

Speaking of hot naked chicks, as I pointed out before, Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore AND Cameron Diaz, uh-hum, posed in the then-popular men's mag Maxim to help "promote" their Charlie's Angels film.

Again, like I posted, I doubt VERY seriously that Kristen Stewart and her other two co-stars in the CA flick-including Elizabeth Banks (again, NO relation!)-will do the SAME.

Although-as, again, I posted previously-Elizabeth Banks DID star in that Kevin Smith "rom com" Zack & Miri Make A Porno (where she DIDN'T appear even partially naked, dammit!).

I mean, at least Cameron Diaz FINALLY showed moviegoers HER goodies in her film Sex Tape! (Just saying, Liz!)

Of course, just like with the "girlie" Ghostbusters flick, ANYONE who dares "criticize" this "strong waman" flick will no doubt get called a "sexist" AND a "misogynist" and that you hate movies with "strong waman" in them.

Can't wait for THAT!

Oh yeah, another thing that I noticed while doing this piece was how much Kristen Stewart in the Charlie's Angels flick happens to look like the blond chick in the Ghostbusters film.

Don't you agree? (Of course, I'm sure this will NOT help sell tickets to this film, if you know what I mean!)

Oh, the guy in the trailer whom wig-wearing Kristen says that "women can do anything" line to had what I felt was the PERFECT comeback, which was: "Just because a woman CAN do something doesn't mean she SHOULD."

You know, like making a film that's already been rebooted just so you can score brownie points with the "feminist" Twitter "woke" mob like everyone ELSE does in Hollywoke these days.

Again, just saying, Liz!

BTW, can we JUST have some mindless entertainment every once in a while that DOESN'T have some sort of "feminist woke" political PC BS thrown in JUST to score points with people who WON'T pay to see your damn movie to begin with?

With, of course, a little-or A LOT!-of T & A thrown in! (Emphasis on the T AND A!)

Hey, a perv, uh, I mean a guy can dream, CAN'T he?

Oh, BTW, if you'd like to see Kristen Stewart's goodies (and I'm sure you DO!), you can see them in a film she did called On The Road based on the classic novel by Jack Kerouac.

In the film, she pulls a Jennifer Love Hewitt and gives a good ole fashioned handy to a guy-TOPLESS!-while in a car.

Hell, it's NO wonder that "sparkly vampire" dude was stalking her in those Twilight flicks!

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