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My Own "Urban" Dictionary

by tbanarchy

Everyone has probably heard of the site Urban Dictionary that has definitions that are, shall we say, less than politically correct.

Here are a few "definitions" of my own that are like the ones one could find on Urban Dictionary.

Asphalt: the part of the body you blame when you fart.

Twice: once two often!

Rock Genius: a pretentious rock star who feels their "music" is MORE important than what it actually is.

(To be honest, I actually swiped this one from the movie Almost Famous but I digress . . .)

Headlight: has one-third the calories of a regular BJ. (One-THIRD!)

Virtue-signaling: decribes what about three-fourths of the people on so-called social media do.

Some of you may recognize some of these "definitions" from an earlier piece I did called "Some Random Shit" or something like that.

So, yeah, I repeated myself. Sue me!

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