My "Offensive" Music Playlist (& Remembering The PMRC)
My "Offensive" Music Playlist (& Remembering The PMRC) music stories

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My "Offensive" Music Playlist (& Remembering The PMRC)

by tbanarchy

USA Today recently published an article listing 20 classic rock songs that would be considered "offensive" by today's politically correct standards.

So do you know SOME of the songs that constituted as being "offensive" according to THIS article? "Ebony & Ivory" by Stevie Wonder & Paul McCartney "Do They Know It's Christmas?" by Band Aid

That's right, a song promoting racial harmony AND a song that attempted to raise money to help stop the famine in Ethiopia were considered OFFENSIVE by the writers of THIS insipid article.

Even more recent songs by popular singers like Taylor Swift & Katy Perry were listed (both of whom are supposedly "popular" with the PC music crowd).

But if these writers want to hear some TRULY "offensive" tunes, here are just a few of MY own personal faves that they somehow missed.

You already know where THIS is going, don't you?

"Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)" by W.A.S.P.

"I got pictures of naked ladies lying on the bed!" Seriously, do I even have to explain WHY this song from 80s hair metal group W.A.S.P.-which is NOT a reference to a bug, BTW!-would be considered "offensive" by today's PC standards? I didn't think so!

"Me So Horny" by The 2 Live Crew

"Oh, me so horny! Me luv you long time!" This was actually one of the more "tamer" songs by the constroverial rap group The 2 Live Crew. (The "chorus" of the song was taken from THIS scene from the film Full Metal Jacket, BTW.)

"Asshole" by Denis Leary

"I'm an asshole! He's the world's biggest asshole!" This song by comedian/actor Denis Leary was released back during the time when comedians were STILL actually-oh, what's that word again?-FUNNY (and, of course, "offensive"!).

"My Ding-A-Ling" by Chuck Berry

"My ding-a-ling! I want to play with my ding-a-ling!" This ode to "toxic masculinity" was sung by a dude who was caught "spying" on women in the ladies restroom of his restaurant AND who was reportedly into "golden showers". R.I.P., Chuck!

"Bitch" by The Rolling Stones

"And your love is a bitch!" There were a couple of RS songs on USATD's "offensive" song list like "Brown Sugar" (you know what THAT'S a euphemism for, DON'T you?). But this one they skipped even though the title alone would make this song "offensive" to the PCers today.

"She's Got Balls" by AC/DC

"She's got balls my lady/Likes to crawl my lady/Hands and knees all around the floor/No one has to tell her what a fella is for!" Need I say MORE? I mean, this ISN'T a song I can see Hillary Clinton playing at a campaign rally. Bill, maybe, but definitely NOT Hillary!

"Orgasmatron" by Motorhead

"My name is called religion, sadistic, sacred whore." Honestly, I added this song to this list mainly because it has the word "orgasm" in the title & THAT would be enough for it to be considered "offensive" by the PCers (who I feel could USE a good orgasm!).

"Thunder Thighs" by Ted Nugent

"Likes to rock and roll but got no control when she sits down to a meal!" Ted Nugent has NEVER been what one could call politically correct either in his music-as evidenced by THIS song (that the PCers would no doubt call "fat-shaming")-or his "political" beliefs. (I bet you thought I was going to list "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang", didn't you?)

"Too Drunk To Fuck" by The Dead Kennedys

"You give me head/It makes it worse/Take out your fucking retainer/Put it in your purse!" Again, I don't have to say WHY this song by punk band the Dead Kennedys-back when Jello Biafra was still fronting the group-would be consider "offensive" by today's PC standards, do I? Again, I didn't think so!

"Eat Me Alive" by Judas Priest

"I'm gonna force you at gunpoint to eat me alive!" OK, I'll give THIS one to the PCers as to why some-or many!-might find THIS song just a tad bit "offensive". (And, BTW, you only get ONE, PCers!)

"Kill You" by Eminem

Seriously, why DOES rapper Eminem almost ALWAYS get a free pass when it comes to these "offensive" song lists? I mean, THIS song alone-where Mr. Em raps about brutally KILLING a woman-is far MORE "offensive" than ANY song on that USATD list. (Google it.)

"Jewish Princess" by Frank Zappa

"With overworked gums/she squeaks with she comes!" FZ actually got an irate letter from a Jewish group demanding an "apology" from Frank on THIS song. In true Zappa fashion, they NEVER got one. R.I.P., Frank!

Actually, speaking of the late great Frank Zappa, one could VERY easily pick out 20-or more!-songs by him that would be considered VERY "offensive" by the PCers had they been released today. (And Frank, of course, would have "apologized" for NONE of them!)

Again, R.I.P., Frank! You are SORELY missed!

Speaking of FZ, in the 80s he fought against the censorship tactics of groups like the PMRC (the Parent Music Resource Center) that was headed by Al Gore's then-wife Tipper who formed the group after her daughter pointed out an "offensive" song by Prince.

Efforts by the PMRC is the primary reason why one sees this "warning" label on records-or CDs-that purportedly contains "offensive" content.

Just a little history lesson for ya! (You're welcome!)

Going back to the USDTD article, I posted in the description a link to a YouTube video about the article by commentator Paul Joseph Watson that I feel pretty much says it all.

Again, you're welcome!

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