My Favorite Horse Scenes In Movies
My Favorite Horse Scenes In Movies horse stories
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My Favorite Horse Scenes In Movies

by tbanarchy

I admit, I'm not what you'd call the biggest fan of animal flicks. Ditto for flicks with kids in them!

Unless, of course, the mom is hot like Diane Lane in the movie Jack starring the late Robin Williams.

And, yes, this movie also co-starred Bill Cosby but I digress!

BTW, Diane Lane also starred in the movie Secretariat which was, of course, about a famous horse (which I haven't seen, BTW).

Anyway, going back to my "dislike" of animal flicks, I was hoping at the end of Babe they would fry the little bastard up!

And, honestly, I thought Free Willy was a porno movie. Imagine MY disappointment!

Anyhoo, since the "story challenge" on Commaful is in fact horse, I thought I'd list a few horse moments and/or movies I thought DIDN'T suck.

When the horse keels over in the dean's office in Animal House.

"Holy shituh!" "There were blanks in that gun!" "I didn't even point the gun at him!" "Holy shituh!" "There WERE blanks in that gun!" "Maybe he had a heart attack!" "HOLY SHITUH!"

A guy punches a horse in Blazing Saddles.

Along with all the other politically incorrect things is this comedy classic from Mel Brookes, a guy actually hauls off and punches the shit out of a horse.

John Wayne's horse walking backwards in El Dorado.

John Wayne reportedly disliked horses in real life, so how they got this horse to walk backwards while The Duke was riding him is beyond me!

Arnold Schwarzenegger riding a horse in True Lies.

Ah-nold rides a horse while chasing a suspect in this flick. I don't like this scene as much as I do the scene where Jamie Lee Curtis is dancing around in her underwear, but it's still pretty good!

The talking horse flick Hot To Trot.

This talking horse flick from the 80s stars comedian Bobcat Goldthwait and the late John Candy as Don the talking horse. Something tells me this is one flick that WON'T be rebooted!

Debra Winger, uh-hum, riding a mechanical bull in Urban Cowboy.

OK, so this technically isn't a horse scene, but, really, who gives a shit, amirite, fellas!

And whateve the hell THIS is!

And, yes, there IS an actual movie called Hung Like A Horse that you can actually buy on Amazon. (And I believe I'll let you Google THAT one for yourself!)

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