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This piece contains some "adult" content. You've been WARNED!

My "Emoji" Story

by tbanarchy

I posted something on Facebook a while back and somebody responded.

i responded back and I included a "smiley" emoji at the end of my response.

Apparently this person took umbrage at my having included said emoji in my response and he accused me of "acting" like a young girl.

To which I replied by saying how I would have included a pic of a woman fucking a guy up his ass with a big-ass strap-on but Facebook normally frowns on those type of things. (He DIDN'T respond back, for some reason.)

I mean, FB "censored" me after I posted THIS pic of a guy with an ass for a face. And it's NOT even a REAL ass!

Meanwhile, pics I've posted like THIS of women showing their ACTUAL asses FB apparently DOESN'T have an "issue" with.

Go figure!

BTW, I'm STILL waiting on that F.U. emoji. I mean, you got a shit emoji-which I LOVE!-and a puke emoji-DITTO!-but NO F.U. emoji. Come on, get on the damn ball, whoever makes these fucking things!

In any case, I bet reading this emoji story was a hell of a lot more "entertaining" than watching that damn emoji movie, amirite!

And, speaking of guys with asses for faces, here's a pic of Facebook "founder" & CEO Mark Zuckerberg!

Oh yeah, I went THERE!

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