Why I Use "Outdated" Technology (Or Why I Use "Old" Sh!t)
Why I Use "Outdated" Technology (Or Why I Use "Old" Sh!t) technology stories
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I'm "old"!

Why I Use "Outdated" Technology (Or Why I Use "Old" Sh!t)

by tbanarchy

In his book "Living Well On Practically Nothing" the late author Ed Romney spoke of a phrase marketers use called "the apparently wealthy".

This describes those who buy the latest-and most expensive-gizmos & doo-dads to make it seem like they have more money than they actually have in order to "impress" their friends & neighbors.

I know from experience how people tend to look at you funny like you're a Luddite or-worse!-Amish if you DON'T have the latest technological gizmos & doo-dads.

Here's a rundown of the "technological" devices that I currently own & use:

I have an older model "refurbished" Dell laptop I purchased off Amazon for $65 (and that includes shipping & handling). (BTW, just in case you were wondering, this ISN'T a picture of my computer.)

I still use a flip-phone and have NEVER owned an iPhone. Granted, it's a new flip-phone, but it's STILL a flip-phone nevertheless. (Plus I don't hardly use a phone myself so why would I need a "newer" phone?)

I have a DVD-and NOT a Blu-Ray-player that I bought from-where else!-Wal-Mart for $25 (though I do use my sister's Netflix with HER permission, of course!).

Hell, I don't even own a car as I walk everywhere and have others drive me where I need to go. (#SorryNotSorry)

My own personal view regarding technology is if it does the job I want and/or need it to do that's ALL I'm concerned about regardless if it's the latest technological gizmo or doo-dad or not.

And just because something is "old" or "used" or "refurbished" or considered "outdated" by some-or many-DOESN'T mean that it's totally useless and/or worthless.

But, then again, you could say the SAME about people, couldn't you?

Just saying!

Oh yeah, I still like to play record albums (though, yes, I do use Spotify!).

Does anyone remember record albums?

Man, maybe I am a Luddite!

Of course, one added bonus of owning "dated" equipment is that burglars are LESS likely to rob your shit since they want the NEWEST shit.

No shit!

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