My Childhood Superhero Crushes
My Childhood Superhero Crushes childhood stories

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I was heavily into comic books as a kid and some-or many-of my childhood crushes were superheroes. We all have crushes growing up, those certain people whom we feel an "attraction" towards sometimes even before we fully understand what that really means. These are my superhero crushes I had when I was younger. Hope you enjoy!

My Childhood Superhero Crushes

by tbanarchy

Yvonne Craig as Batgirl

I watched the Batman TV show from the sixties in reruns when I was a kid during the seventies and I instantly crushed on Yvonne Craig as Batgirl (as a number of other boys did, I'm sure!).

Scarlet Witch from The Avengers

One female superhero I had a MAJOR crush on was Scarlet Witch from The Avengers. In fact, I think she was the very first superhero I had a crush on. Of course, I'm sure the outfit helped!

Princess from Battle Of The Planets (also known as G-Force)

One of my favorite cartoons as a kid was Battle Of The Planets (which was also called G-Force). One of my favorite characters on the show was Princess who was the lone female member of G-Force.

Princess Leia from Star Wars

One of my main crushes as a kid was none other than Princess Leia from Star Wars (yes, even WITH that cinnamon bun hairdo!). And who can, of course, forget Slave Leia! (I'm sure Disney would!)

Velma from Scooby-Doo

Some guys were into Daphne. While I was into Daphne myself, I was WAY more into "nerdy" mini-skirt wearing Velma. Still am! I know she's not technically a superhero but she still solves crimes!

Madame Masque from Iron Man

My favorite superhero as a kid was Iron Man. I think it was because Tony Stark & I shared the same first name. Anyway, his girlfriend was Madame Masque who would later become a bad, uh, guy?

Bethany Cabe from Iron Man

After Madame Masque had a falling out with IM (after he killed her father), his next love-interest was Stark's coworker Bethany Cabe. I think Bethany & Batgirl are WHY I'm into redheads.

Valkyrie from The Defenders

While everyone else was into Wonder Woman, I was into Valkyrie from The Defenders. She was actually a lot like WW in that she was a warrior goddess who could kick the ass of ANY man!

Hellcat (also called The Cat) from The Defenders

Another member of The Defenders, I think Hellcat was Marvel's "answer" to DC's Catwoman. Anyway, she wasn't a warrior goddess like Valkyrie but she could STILL kick ass (& she's ALSO a redhead!)!

Black Canary from the Justice League Of America

Black Canary was a member of the JLA from the comics I read as a kid. I'm not sure what else to say about why I had a crush on her. Of course, I'm sure her canary cry (& the fishnets!) helped!

Zatanna from The Justice League Of America

Zatanna was another member of the JLA whom I also had a crush on like Black Canary. It intrigued me how she cast her "spells" backwards. Of course, I also found her outfit quite "intriguing"!

Jasmine (Bug's girlfriend from The Micronauts)

This might sound weird but I actually had a little crush on Jasmine who was the character Bug's girlfriend in The Micronauts comics I read as a kid. She didn't last long as she was killed. Damn!

Marionette from The Micronauts

Marionette was one of the main characters from the aforesaid Micronauts comics I read as a kid. She also had a thing going on with the "leader" of The Micronauts (whose name I can't remember).

Jane Fonda as Barbarella

This is also known as the film Jane Fonda would LOVE to forget (that & that whole "Hanoi Jane" thing). Anyway, I think this was the very first "love" scene I ever saw. (Or was it James Bond?)

Anita Pallenberg as The Great Tyrant from Barbarella

Someone I thought was hotter than Jane Fonda as Barbarella was The Great Tyrant played by Anita Pallenberg. I think it was not only her outfit (that horn!) but also she was a bad, uh, guy?

Princess Ariel from Thundarr The Barbarian

Thundarr the Barbarian was another favorite cartoon of mine as a kid. Princess Ariel was a "witch" of sorts who traveled & fought with Thundarr & Ookla (picture a distant cousin of Chewbacca).

Jennifer Of The Jungle from the Electric Company

Jennifer Of The Jungle was a character from the kid's show Electric Company I used to watch. She's not "technically" a superhero but she DID appear in comics with Spider-Man. Plus the mini-skirt!

One final thought about female superheroes . . .

I think the main reason why I crushed on female superheroes-besides, of course, the outfits!-was because of how strong they were & how they could hold their on with the male heroes & villains.

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