My Brief Review Of The Family Guy "Trump" Episode
My Brief Review Of The Family Guy "Trump" Episode controversy stories

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My Brief Review Of The Family Guy "Trump" Episode

by tbanarchy

Everyone is talking about the Family Guy episode about Trump. First off, let me just say I don't give a shit if FG or any other show wishes to mock Trump.

I mean, the guy looks like an Oompa Loompa with a glandular condition and a bad spray tan! Plus I don't give a shit about Trump OR Hillary, for that matter.

Though I will say FG creator Seth MacFarlane would have NEVER had the balls to put out the SAME episode mocking, say, Obama, especially showing character Peter Griffin beating the shit out of Obama like he did Trump on the show.

Instead, we saw otherwise RACIST Peter KISSING a picture of Obama after Trump trashes it, which I found JUST as nauseating as when those Saturday Night Live cast members sang "To Sir With Love" to a picture of Obama.

Because, you know, you've always got to sing to appease your Supreme Leader!

But, going back to Family Guy, if Seth HAD put out a similar episode about Obama the same PCers on sites like-where else!-Twitter who cheered him on would have demanded he be charged with a hate crime and/or hashtag #CancelFamilyGuy.

Kind of like how the PCers got butthurt about the "offensive" character Apu from FG rival show The Simpsons while not saying anything about Homer always choking the shit out of son Bart but I digress.

But the thing that got to me about the episode were the potshots that were taken at First Lady Melania Trump where Peter describes her as a "soft-core porn star" referring to her previous gig as a model where she-gasp!-posed nude, including with another woman.

Before this episode, there was an episode where a character dealt with a so-called "porn addiction" like the episode of Seth's scif-fi show The Orville I "reviewed" earlier. (And, no, it wasn't THIS guy!)

As I posted in my "brief review" of the "anti-porn" episode of The Orville, if Seth is so all of a sudden against so-called porn, why then DID he have PORN STAR Asa Akira on a recent episode of Family Guy?

I mean, anyone who knows anything at all about Asa's, uh-hum, work (like apparently Seth!) knows she's done a hell of a lot MORE than just pose nude with another woman!

I mean, she makes Stormy Daniels-whom Peter/Seth also took a potshot or two at in the episode-look like a celibate nun!

Besides, I don't recall Seth or any of the other PCers mocking the future Mrs. Trump for appearing NAKED on covers like "anti-Trump" GQ back when she was still a model. (Too busy fapping, perhaps?)

And, of course, we all know Melania Trump is the ONLY model to have EVER take her clothes off for MONEY! Amiright, Cindy?

Going back to Family Guy, I'm not surprised Seth MacFarlane didn't go after, say, Obama like he did Trump since he's donated MILLIONS to various Democrats, including HER.

In fact, Seth was reportedly named in an FEC complaint where he was accused of making an "illegal" donation to Hillary Clinton. (Funny how THAT didn't make it into the show!)

Anyway, towards the end of the show is where baby Stewie remarked how Trump "supported" a pedophile, apparently referring to that Roy Moore (whom I also DON'T give a shit about).

Kind of like how Hillary's hubby Bill-and Trump!-were longtime "friends" with CONVICTED PEDOPHILE Jeffrey Epstein (which also DIDN'T make it on the show).

Or how about how Trump was sued for CHILD RAPE during the 2016 elections that was barely mentioned in the "liberal" media in spite of that same media claiming they "hate" him and want to "stop" him.

I could go on but you get the picture. In any case, a lot of shows, including cartoons, now engage in "serious" political commentary, so why should Family Guy-a show known for dick & fart jokes & Star Wars parodies-be ANY different?

Again, I don't give a shit if these shows go after Trump, but can they at least do it WITHOUT the sanctimonious "virtue-signaling" hypocrisy?

At least when South Park went after Donald "Giant Douche" Trump they also had the balls to lampoon Hillary "Turd Sandwich" Clinton.

Frankly, I would say Family Guy should probably go back to the dick & fart jokes & parodying movies like Star Wars: The Last Jedi but THAT movie is self-parodying!

And, call me crazy, but something tells me the parents of all those children Obama's drone strikes killed-that he once JOKED about, BTW-WON'T be kissing his picture anytime soon.

Just saying!

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