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This is a "romantic" piece, just so you know. (I know. Shameless!)



by tbanarchy

Mr. Innocent is the very first "erotic" romance book I had published back in 2014 by romance publisher Luminosity Publishing.

This actually wasn't my first book published, though, as I had books published some years back by companies like Pink Flamingo (yes, that's their actual name!) and Artemis Creations (which has since gone out of business).

I decided to try my hand at writing "erotic" romances after reading books from the now-defunct Harlequin Blaze imprint, which were a sort of precursor to the 50 Shades Of Grey phenomenon.

The story is about an woman named Lexi Gifford who's a magazine editor who has a hot & steamy affair with her hunky younger assistant Theo Logan.

And, though the book has gotten pretty positive reviews, I was actually surprised when some female reviewers said they weren't big fans of the Lexi character until towards the end of the book when she reveals her true feelings towards Theo.

They added how they felt Lexi was "using" Theo, which was NOT my intention at all. True, in the story, Theo does find out about Lexi's "past" with other assistants and he decides he doesn't want to be a "boy toy" for her.

That's when Lexi admits to herself her true feelings for Theo and how he's not just another "boy toy" to her.

Here's the Amazon book link for Mr. Innocent for anyone who is interested:

Also, if you like, check out my other "innocent" book NOT THAT INNOCENT also written under my pen name of Angel Ray & published by Books To Go Now.

NTI is about a guy named Leo Morgan who's an unapologetic womanizer who has an affair with a woman named Sara Griffith who's not as "innocent" as he initially thinks. And, yes, Leo & Sara end up having a serious relationship like in Mr. Innocent.

Here's the Amazon book link for Not That Innocent for anyone who is interested:

And, while we're at it, here's the Amazon book link for the rest of my Angel Ray "erotic" romance books (which you can also find in my Commaful bio):

And, I don't know who she is or where the publisher got this cover, but I think the cover model on my book Not That Innocent is HOT. (I'm talking about the woman, just so you know! Though I guess the guy's not bad either, am I right, ladies?)

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