In Remembrance Of Guitar Virtuoso Allan Holdsworth (August 6 1946 – April 15 2017)
In Remembrance Of Guitar Virtuoso Allan Holdsworth (August 6 1946 – April 15 2017) late stories

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In Remembrance Of Guitar Virtuoso Allan Holdsworth (August 6 1946 – April 15 2017)

by tbanarchy

Allan Holdsworth was a British guitarist & composer. He began his musical career in the late-60s where he played with a slew of bands before going solo in the 80s. He played all types of music.

His best known song was perhaps "Metal Fatigue" released in 1985 that featured a vocalist. Some of his songs had vocals, though many of his tunes were instrumental.

Besides the guitar, Allan also played a SynthAxe, which uses synthesizers to make sound & is controlled through an arm that resembles the neck of a guitar. It was eventually discontinued.

Many prominent guitarists cited Allan Holdsworth as a major influence, including Eddie Van Halen & Joe Satriani. However, Allan's playing was so complex many guitarists failed to copy his style.

Despite his immense influence, Holdsworth never won any awards for his music, though he was nominated for Best Rock Instrumental Performance at the 1984 Grammy Awards.

Holdsworth did not make what one would call "mainstream" music. Even he conceded the "limited appeal" of his music in interviews. But Allan was able to make the music he wanted to create.

Still, I thought it was a shame when I read his children were unable to pay for their talented & influential father's funeral and had to resort to fundraising to be able to raise the money.

This is one thing I hate about this society in that people who have NO talent-like, say, the Kardashians-get "rewarded" while people WITH actual talent will too many times get ignored.

Ironically, like other "celebrities" who die suddenly, Allan Holdsworth has become MORE "famous" since his passing when, while he was alive, he would at times have trouble even paying his rent.

In any case, check out Allan Holdsworth's music on sites like Spotify and/or YouTube. His music might not be your cup of tea, but I think you'll appreciate the immense talent which he possessed.

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