In Remembrance Of CREEM Magazine
In Remembrance Of CREEM Magazine cream stories

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by tbanarchy CREEM was a popular rock magazine published from 1969 until the early-nineties.

In Remembrance Of CREEM Magazine

by tbanarchy

CREEM was a popular and influential rock magazine that was published from 1969 until the early-nineties.

And was NOT the type of mag YOU were obviously thinking it was (you pervs!)!

Though, to be fair, it WAS sold in sex shops at one point because . . . well, YOU know!

CREEM was considered to be an influential publication in that it was said to have helped "conceptualize" punk rock and that it promoted acts such as Blondie before the mainstream rock press did.

Alice Cooper even referenced the magazine in his song called "Detroit City" where the mag was based.

The magazine was more "humorous" in nature and would at time poke fun at rock stars and even itself. (That's Angus Young and the late Bon Scott from AC/DC acting goofy.)

Unlike, of course, some of CREEM's more straight-laced competitors like Rolling Stone, which-of course!-has now gone all "woke" and shit. (Phony gang rape stories, anyone?)

All in all, CREEM was published during the time when rock stars were actual rock stars and NOT the "hipster" D-Bags who pass themselves off as "rock stars" today.

Speaking of D-Bags posing as rock stars, has anyone seen that commercial on TV with this "rock star" posing with his "dad"?

In the commercial, said "rock star" is grinning like a jackass in heat bragging how, with his new phone, he can "face-time" with his parents before a show.

Seriously, what self-respecting "rock star" is going to "face-time" or whatever with their PARENTS before a fucking show?

Seriously, I grew up in a time when REAL rock stars would have a bunch of barely legal groupies do perverted shit to them they only read about in the Penthouse Forum!

Now we have "rock stars" who look like fucking "hipsters" AND who "face-time" with their fucking parents before a show! And, worst of all, their "music" fucking sucks!

I mean, even Gene Simmons once said that the MAIN reason to want to become a rock star was to get laid!

Going back to CREEM, to be honest, I've never actually read or even seen a copy of the mag myself, I'm sorry to say.

When I was a teenager back in the 80s, I read mostly heavy metal mags like Hit Parader and Circus mostly because these were about the only rock mags that were being sold at my local Wal-Mart. And then they STOPPED selling them.

This was, of course, done primarily to appease "anti-rock" 80s televangelists like Jimmy Swaggart (who-of course!-admitted to touching hookers in "biblical" places, if you know what I mean!).

But, even though I never read it, I still knew what CREEM was and I admire what it did for rock music back when rock music DIDN'T fucking suck!

And, for the record, the very first issue of Rolling Stone I ever, uh-hum, read was the issue that featured actress Lisa Bonet half-naked on the cover.

Of course, Rolling Stone would NEVER put this on their covers today. (You know, because it's not "woke" and shit!)

BTW, I bet you thought when you saw the "story challenge" on Commaful was "cream" I was going to do a piece on something REALLY naughty like creampies or something, didn't you (you pervs!)?

And, in case you DON'T know what a creampie is, let's just say it's NOT something your grandma would "fix" for you during your Sunday afternoon visits, if you know what I mean!

Mmmm, creampies!

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