"I'm A Douche" (A Song Parody Of "I Was Wrong" by Social Distortion)
"I'm A Douche" (A Song Parody Of "I Was Wrong" by Social Distortion) weird al stories

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Weird Al, eat your heart out!

"I'm A Douche" (A Song Parody Of "I Was Wrong" by Social Distortion)

by tbanarchy

Hey, Weird Al Yankovic isn't the ONLY one who can do song parodies! Anyway, here's the 1st verse:

So I was talking shit about Donald Trump.

And some wimpy fan, well, he flipped me off.

So I jumped in the crowd and I broke his bones.

Forgetting everyone now has a fucking cell phone.


I'm a douche.

I beat the shit out of a fan.

I'm a douche.

But what can you expect from a fucking hasbeen.

2nd verse:

I could have ignored this guy flipping me off.

But I'm a rock star, man, I can do what I want.

So now I'll get sued and I'll have to pay.

I guess some don't give a fuck what I have to say.

(Repeat chorus)

I wrote this parody in response to punk band Social Distortion frontman Mike Ness actually ASSAULTING a fan at one of their concerts.

Apparently Mike was talking shit about THIS guy-as he's apparently wont to do-and one fan who was apparently a Trump fan flipped him off as a result.

So Mr. Ness did what ANY reasonble person would do in this situation and jumped in the crowd and beat the holy living shit out of said fan.

And, of course, somebody caught the whole thing on their cell phone and posted it online. I guess Mikey forgot about that everyone now has a cell phone?

Hearing stories like THIS reminds me of a song by another punk band The Dead Kennedys called "A Child & His Lawnmower" about a guy who gets pissed at his lawnmower not starting & he shoots it.

It goes: "You know some people Don't take no shit Maybe if they did They'd have half a brain left!"

And it's always a good idea NOT to piss off-or assault!-your fans because fans have a way of turning on you if you piss them off-or assault them!-TOO much.

Mike Ness can go ask the guys in Metallica about THAT as their career still hasn't fully recovered after they SUED their fans for downloading their songs from that Napster site. (Anyone remember Napster?)

But I know when I pay good money to see a concert the MAIN thing I want to see is the lead singer launching into a drawn-out "political" tirade.

I mean, when I went to see Kiss, my favorite part of the concert was when frontman Paul Stanley shared HIS thoughts on global warming! #SarcasmAlert

Anyway, here's my OWN "message" I'd like to give to Mike "Fan Assaulter Extraordinaire" Ness if I may:

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