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One downside of posting on so-called social media like Facebook and/or Twitter is that, no matter WHAT you post, you WILL at some point have to deal with a troll. That's kind of the unwritten law of so-called social media. Trust me, I've had MORE than a few experiences in "dealing" with these trolls! I've developed a few means of "dealing" with these trolls that I'd like to share. Enjoy! (And, BTW, please DON'T troll this piece! Thanks!)


by tbanarchy

What IS a troll?

A troll is basically someone who posts a "negative" reaction or comment on something you've posted on, say, your Facebook or Twitter page in a deliberate attempt to evoke a response from you.

Some of my own experiences with trolls.

One troll said they wanted to see me dead. Another troll "threatened" to take some sort of "legal" action against me (& these were FB "friends"!). A couple of trolls called me the C Word. Yeah.

NEVER get emotional when dealing with a troll.

One thing NEVER to do when dealing with a troll is to get emotional. That's JUST what the troll WANTS you to do. I myself have made THIS mistake a time or two and it has backfired BIG time!

Use sarcasm (sometimes).

I can be "sarcastic" myself & I've sometimes used "sarcasm" to silence trolls I've encountered. Sometimes this works. Other times, NOT so much! So you might want to use THIS tactic with caution.

Just say "Ditto."

You'd be amazed at just how effective saying THIS one little word can be in shutting down some trolls. For instance, if someone goes off about you being an "idiot" (or worse) just say, "Ditto."

Reasoning with a troll NEVER works.

Besides getting emotional, another thing that NEVER works in dealing with trolls is trying to reason with them. I mean, if these people WERE reasonable they WOULDN'T be trolls in the FIRST place.

And the BEST way to deal with a troll is . . .

Perhaps the BEST way in dealing with a troll is NOT to deal with them in the FIRST place. Don't respond to their posts. Delete their posts if you want. Of course, this sometimes DOESN'T work.

And, if ALL else fails, BLOCK!!!!

One way so-called social media IS better than Real Life is that, unlike Real Life, you can BLOCK someone who's being an A-Hole to you. That way you DON'T have to deal with the A-Hole anymore.

If you dish it out you'd BETTER be prepared to take it.

In other words, if you've EVER trolled someone on, say, their Facebook or Twitter page and you DON'T like being trolled yourself, then STOP BEING A DAMNED TROLL!!!! Simple, isn't it?

So why DO people become trolls?

If I knew THAT I'd probably be a rich man. I mean, what makes ANYONE do things online that they would NEVER do in Real Life is beyond me. Maybe it's "anonymity" & maybe it's boredom. Who knows!

Trolls HATE it when you call THEM out on their trolling.

Sometimes when trolls get confronted by their behavior, even if it's to tell them to back off & don't post their trolling crap on your page, they will turn around & accuse YOU of being a troll.

What I hate MOST about trolls . . .

I absolutely hate how trolls deliberately try to ruin your social media experience & completely & utterly WASTE your time in the process. They're the Internet equivalent of schoolyard bullies.

One final thought about trolls . . .

Of course, the most ironic-and laughable!-thing about trolls is that, if YOU were to go on THEIR social media pages & troll THEM as they've trolled YOU, they would be screaming bloody murder!

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