How I "Triggered" The Last Jedi "Fans" On Twitter
How I "Triggered" The Last Jedi "Fans" On Twitter star wars stories

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May the Butthurt be with you!

How I "Triggered" The Last Jedi "Fans" On Twitter

Or: Star Wars: Attack Of The Incels!

by tbanarchy

A few weeks ago I posted a piece on Commaful on how I "triggered" fans of the WWE on-where else!-Twitter by saying how "fake" wrestling was.

This time I "triggered" so-called "fans" of the Star wars flick The Last Jedi on-again, where else!-Twatter.

So how DID I "trigger" said so-called "fans" of The Last Jedi who actually call themselves-and, no, I'm NOT making this up!-the TLJ Gang (or the hashtag #TLJGang).

The "triggering" got started because I dared post a tweet mocking "flying" Princess Leia AND Luke Skywalker-who's one of the most iconic film characters of all-time-milking giant space titties in the film.

And, for all you non-SW fans out there, Princess Leia DOESN'T fly and no one, least of all Luke Skywalker, has EVER milked a space titty, giant or otherwise, in ANY of the SW films.

Well, not until The Last effing Jedi! (Thanks, Rian Johnson!)

Anyway, one "proud" member of the #TLJGang who seemed to get especially "triggered" by my mocking tweet of his "beloved" TLJ was a self-described "filmmaker and youtuber" named Jacob.

ICYMI, the last "filmmaker" I "triggered" on the Twatter was Micah Wright who called me a "Nazi sympathizer" after I had dared criticize his "beloved" Antifa (which, of course, I also posted about on Commaful a while ago!).

Now, to be fair, Jacob DIDN'T call me a "Nazi sympathizer" the way Micah did, though he DID start his tweets to me by calling me an, and I quote, "incel".

"Incels", for those not in the know, is supposed to mean "involuntary celibates" and are supposed to be guys who can't get laid or who complain about not getting laid.

"Incels" have also been labeled as being TERRORISTS on not only Twitter but also in the media and elsewhere. (Google it.) Some psychos who have committed mass shootings have either called themselves "incels" or they've been called that on Twitter and/or the media.

Even the batshit crazy show Law & Order: SVU devoted an entire episode on the "terror" on the "incels"!

For the record, I am neither an "incel" nor am I a TERRORIST.

Anyway, Jacob denied calling me a TERRORIST to which I asked him if he didn't mean to call me a TERRORIST then what the hell DID he mean by calling me an "incel"?

And here was Jacob's response to THAT question . . .

Instead, Jacob went on to call me other things like "sexist"-of course!-and he kept calling me a "boomer" for some reason-even though I'm NOT one-and he remarked how "angry" I sounded.

Again, to which I replied how, yeah, I do tend to get irked when someone who doesn't even know what I look like calls me a fucking TERRORIST, at least a little!

But you want to know what the MOST ironic-and, yes, even hypocritical!-thing about my, uh-hum, exchange with Jacob was?

Seriously, you're gonna LOVE this!

Jacob's "pinned" tweet on his Twitter page was about how (my paraphrasing) he genuinely wished how people would get MORE "angry" over what he called REAL "issues" rather than a, as HE put it, "space movies meant for children".

I actually AGREE with Jacob about how there are far MORE important issues for people to be concerned about than a movie, "space kids movie" or no.

For instance, issues like this country's rising deficit, endless wars (which are contributing to our rising deficit), opioid and other drug addiction that's leading to more deaths and suicides, our crumbling and decaying infrastructure, just to name a few.

However, in spite of what Jacob tweeted, he STILL spent hours trolling yours truly all because I TALKED SHIT ABOUT A FUCKING "SPACE MOVIE FOR KIDS"!

I also asked Jacob if these films are in fact strictly for children, as he and other members of the #TLJGang have claimed, why then are YOU watching them (and then, of course, becoming butthurt whenever someone criticizes them)?

And, there again, here was his response to THAT question . . .

I've, of course, chastised what I consider to be the piss-poor way Disney and Lucasfilm have handled the once-beloved Star Wars franchise.

And, at the risk of being called a TERRORIST "INCEL" by the likes of Jacob and the rest of the #TLJGangstas, I personally think a group of brain-dead monkeys could have done a BETTER job handling this franchise than THESE two.

And let's not forget THIS guy! (No offense, J.J.!)

And, once again, I think The Last Jedi was a VERY poorly-written film with VERY poor characterization with plot holes BIG enough to drive a fucking Star Destroyer through them!

As for it being merely a "space movie for kids" (which, to be fair, George Lucas HAS said he initially intended Star Wars for 12-year-olds), I would ask the following:

How many "space kids movies" have YOU seen where a giant space slug drags a half-naked green chick by the chain he has around her neck so he can have his way with her? And, when she doesn't allow him to have his way with her, he has her eaten by a giant monster?

Well, maybe in Japan!

But, even after ALL of this, Jacob ended up doing what SO many others I've "triggered" on Twatter have ended up doing: He BLOCKED me.

I guess he wanted more time to get "angry" over REAL issues like he lectured everyone ELSE about doing (but, of course, clearly DIDN'T do himself like the REST of the "woke" Twitter mob!).

Oh well! I can't wait to see the NEXT group I will "trigger" on Twatter!

Ah, it's so NICE to be loved!

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