Happy National Hot Dog Day!
Happy National Hot Dog Day! nationial hot dog day stories

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Don't forget to eat those wieners!

Happy National Hot Dog Day!

by tbanarchy

So today is National Hot Dog Day!

So I put together a compilation of gifs in, uh-hum, honor of NHDD!

Oh, I think you can already see where THIS one is going, can't you?

Boy, I bet THIS chick was popular in college!

I got two for THIS one: Hot dog bukkake! And: This reminds me of a video I, uh-hum, saw on Pornhub!

I'll just let THIS one speak for itself, OK? OK!

Man, that is one big-ass wiener!

Now here's one game show I'd LOVE to see!

BTW, this also reminds me of a video I, uh-hum, watched on Pornhub!

Yeah, I don't know WTF this is supposed to be either!

Now, for anyone who thinks THIS list is naughty, just wait until National Popsicle Day!

Or, better yet, National Banana Day!

And, oh yeah, National Ice Cream Day!

And let's NOT forget National Cucumber Day!

And, of course, for anyone who would call me-of course!-sexist for posting this piece, here's a dude with a bunch of wieners shoved into HIS mouth.

You're welcome, ladies?

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