Happy International Men's Day?
Happy International Men's Day? day stories

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This one's for the LADIES!

Happy International Men's Day?

by tbanarchy

November 19th is apparently International Men's Day.

As one might imagine, the PCers on-where else!-Twitter have gotten their panties all in a bunch over this. (But then, don't they ALWAYS?)

One tweeted how this was both IMD and World Toilet Day. (Implying they're BOTH shitty. Get it?)

I responded to said PCer by pointing out how the flushing toilet was invented by a MAN named, appropriately enough, Thomas Crapper. (Well, Mr. Crapper did not technically "invent" said crapper but instead "improved" on the design of said crapper created by-gasp!-other MEN.)

No shit!

So, in "honor" of so-called International Men's Day, here is "hunky" actor Idris Elba-a.k.a. The Next James Bond?-who was recently anointed the "Sexiest Man Alive" by People magazine.

And here's that Christian Grey fella from that 50 Shades Of Grey!

And, while we're at it, here's that Magic Mike fella!

And, before I forget, here's that "sparkly" vampire dude from that Twilight!

And, for the sheer hell of it, here's a SHIRTLESS pic of that Arrow guy on TV!

So is all this . . . sexist? I mean, the PCers took credit for the Miss America pageant getting rid of their longtime swimsuit competition.

And it's NOT like I've heard any PCer demand that, say, Michael Moore be named "Sexiest Man Alive" by People . . .

Or that Paul Blart guy be cast as the, uh-hum, hunky lead in the next Magic Mike flick.

Not that would make me pay to go see a Magic Mike flick. Now if they did an all-male reboot of MM called, say, Magic Mary starring that Sofia Vergara!

Anyway, Happy Interntional Men's Day! Not that I really give a shit about IMD but it "triggers" the PCers so there you go!

Speaking of "triggering" the PCers, here's a gif of Sofia Vergara using her bodacious ta-tas as guns from the movie Machete!

And here's Phoebe Cates about to show EVERYONE her, uh, talent!

And here's, as always, another gif of Elvira showing off her, uh-hum, pumpkins!

And, while we're at it, here's a gratuitous beaver shot! (Man, that is ONE big-ass beaver!)

You're welcome, you "sexist" pigs!

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