Glass In The A$$ (A Poem)
Glass In The A$$ (A Poem) glass stories

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I thought I'd pen more poetry since poetry seems to be popular here on Commaful. Enjoy!

Glass In The A$$ (A Poem)

by tbanarchy

Have you ever got glass in your ass?

It can make you feel like you're lower class . . .

To have glass in your ass.

And have you seen the movie Glass?

It stars Bruce Willass!

And here's an ass that's NOT full of glass!

And does anyone remember when Kim Kardashian "broke the Internet" by showing HER ass?

And I've NEVER seen Kim K's ass filled with glass!

Kim's ass may have been filled with her hubby Kanye West but NEVER glass!

And here's Kim's sister Khloe's ass without ANY glass!

The End.

Oh, speaking of Bruce Willis, did you see Bruce's daughter in those topless pics while she's sitting on the toilet with her hand inside the granny panties she's wearing looking like she's masturbating?

That's not part of the poem, BTW. I was just curious!

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