"Famous" Women I'm "Infatuated" With Now
"Famous" Women I'm "Infatuated" With Now sexy stories

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by tbanarchy Everyone has celebrities whom they are "infatuated" with. Here are a few "famous" women whom I'm "infatuated" with currently.

"Famous" Women I'm "Infatuated" With Now

by tbanarchy

Everyone has celebrities whom they are "infatuated" with. Here are a few "famous" women whom I'm "infatuated" with currently.

Mae Whitman

I became "infatuated" with Mae Whitman after seeing her in her "teen" movie The Duff. I wish there were chicks THIS cool when I was in high school! (Mae was in her twenties when she did this flick, BTW.)

Emily from Adam Ruins Everything.

Emily-whose real name IS Emily-is an "actress" on the show Adam Ruins Everything where host Adam tells the "truth" about shit (usually by claiming EVERYTHING is-you guessed it!-"racist").

Aya Cash

Aya Cash is the ginger-headed star of the show You're The Worst. (And I'm a BIG fan of redheads!)

Andrea Savage

Andrea Savage is a comedienne who does actual-oh, what's that word again?-COMEDY. (Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman, are you listening?)

Kat Timpf

Kat Timpf is a columnist and commentator who regularly appears on-gasp!-Fox News. Kat once pissed off Star Wars "fans" SO much they sent her death and/or rape threats. (Now THAT'S going to the Dark Side!)

The broads from Broad City.

I admit, I'm not what you'd call the biggest "fan" of this (so-called) Comedy Central show. But the "broads" seem to take their clothes off a lot on the show, so there you go!

Amy Bruni

Amy Bruni is most noted for starring in "paranormal" shows like Ghost Hunters & Kindred Spirits. Amy is SO hot it's scary! (Ba-da-BOOM!)

Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh is a British actress who stars in the new film Wrestling With My Family. She had me in the trailer when she asks in her accent, "Do you have a stiffie?" Uh-huh.

Allison Rey

Speaking of "stiffies", Allison Rey is a-of course!-"adult" film star whom I've recently, uh-hum, discovered. (Seriously, do I really need a reason to be "infatuated" with a porn star?)

Kether Donohue

I'll give you TWO guesses as to why I'm "infatuated" with actress Kether Donohue who also stars on You're The Worst. Go on, GUESS!

And, for anyone who would call me "sexist" for saying THAT, it wasn't like women went to see those Magic Mike flicks for the "plot", you know what I mean?

Oh, BTW, when I say I'm "infatuated" with these women, I don't mean that in a "stalkery" sort of way. Just wanted to make THAT clear!

Oh, I also like the song "Infatuation" by Rod Stewart. Just thought you'd like to know!

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