An Ode To The Song (& Video!) "Cherry Pie" By Warrant
An Ode To The Song (& Video!) "Cherry Pie" By Warrant pie stories

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"Tastes so good brings a tear to your eye! Sweet Cherry Pie!"-Warrant

An Ode To The Song (& Video!) "Cherry Pie" By Warrant

by tbanarchy

"Cherry Pie" was the second and most successful album by 80s hair metal band Warrant with hits like the famous-and infamous!-title track.

I admit I wasn't really a fan of the song when it first came out mainly because I thought it was, well, stupid. (And that, of course, WASN'T because I was "woke" which wasn't even a thing back then!)

Plus I wasn't what you'd call the biggest Warrant fan. (I was more of a Winger fan myself, much to the chagrin of Beavis & Butthead!)

But, I admit, the song has kind of grown on me over the years, especially nowadays since there's NO way in "woke" hell the song-and especially the video!-would be released now.

Both the song-and especially the video!-are about as subtle as a root canal. I mean, if you DON'T know what "cherry pie" is a euphemism for, you might want to STOP reading this, uh, piece!

Anyway, the video shows the band members "singing" the video while it shows this hot-as-hell blond model gyrating around them in various stages of undress.-

Again, subtle! (Not that I'm complaining, of course!)

Could you imagine if a band even TRIED to put out a song-and a video!-like this TODAY? The "wokesters" on Twitter alone would be "triggered" at how-you guessed it!-"sexist" the song (& video) were.

Of course, I'm sure these are the SAME "wokesters" who stand in line to see flicks like 50 Shades Of Gry and Magic Mike but I digress!

Anyway, let's look at THAT scene from the video one MORE time! (I don't know about YOU but I'm hungry for some cherry pie right about NOW!)

Yeah, yeah, I know!

BTW, the model in the video-whose name is Bobbie Brown-married Warrant's lead singer Jani Lane who passed away in 2011 from reported alcohol poisoning.

Ironically, this is what AC/DC frontman Bon Scott reportedly passed away from back in 1980.

Of course, a band like AC/DC would no doubt get shit today from the "wokesters" on sites like-where else!-Twatter for songs like "Girls Got Rhythm" and "Put The Finger On You".

I swear, these "wokesters" sure DO know how to take the fun AND enjoyment out of EVERYTHING, don't they?

Anyway, to help "trigger" these "wokesters" some MORE, here's another shot from the video for "Cherry Pie" showing Bobbie Brown's, uh-hum, sweet ass!

And, for the sake of "equality", here's that Magic Mike fella ripping his shirt off. (You're welcome, ladies!)

Now THAT'S what I call being "woke"!

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