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Serenity NOW!

An Ode To Serenity

by tbanarchy

Serenity was the name of a former "adult" film star who was popular during the 90s.

She, uh-hum, starred in such, uh-hum, classic "adult" film fare such as Jennifer Ate and The Temptation Of Serenity.

Serenity "retired" from the "adult" film industry in 2004. She was the first "adult" film performer who won back-to-back to win AVN (Adult Video News) Awards for Best Actress - Video.

Serenity was also noted for performing with condoms as a lot of "adult" film performers were doing at the time. She was listed #36 on AVN's Top 50 Porn Stars Of All-Time.

Serenity also has a degree in journalism and was a ballet dancer and a waitress before becoming an "adult" film performer.

Serenity has also starred in non-"adult" fare such as starring in an episode of Jimmy Kimmel's old show The Man Show (before, of course, JK became a bonafide "male feminist").

Now if anyone thought I was going to do an actual piece on the topic of "serenity" have obviously NEVER read any of my previous pieces on Commaful!

Now here's a gif of Elvira showing off her, uh-hum, talent!

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