An Ode To Michelle Rodriquez
An Ode To Michelle Rodriquez machete stories

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An Ode To Michelle Rodriquez

by tbanarchy

Michelle Rodriquez is an actress best known for her roles in the Fast & Furious, Resident Evil and Machete films.

Michelle first came to prominence in her film Girlfight which was kind of like a chick-version of Rocky.

There are definitely two things I, uh-hum, like about her . . .

The first thing being is I like her attitude both on and offscreen. She comes across as someone who doesn't take ANY shit either onscreen or off.

The MAIN reason why I like her-& I know I'll probably catch hell for saying this!-is that she's HOT!

I mean insanely HOT!

I mean, seriously, take a look at how damn HOT she is!

But I digress . . .

Michelle Rodriquez will probably never be a household name like, say, a Julia Roberts or that chick from The Hunger Games. (What WAS her name again?)

But something tells me she doesn't really give a shit about any of that just so long as she's able to keep making movies.

I know I'll always, uh-hum, enjoy watching her films (for, I think, obvious reasons!)!

But something tells me she probably DOESN'T give a shit about that either!

Oh well!

I still say she's HOT! (Did I mention that already?)

The End!


Oh, WTH, here's one MORE look at Michelle! (I didn't think you'd mind!)

And, for the ladies, here's that Machete guy. (What WAS his name again?) You're welcome!

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