All About "Ugly"

tbanarchyI am a snarky freelance writer.
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All About "Ugly"

by tbanarchy

They say what you look like on the inside is what counts.

But have you ever seen the inside of a human body? Damn, that shit is ugly! If people truly looked like on the outside what they looked like on the inside no one would EVER get laid again!

Oh yeah, there was also some girlie show called Ugly Betty.

But, honestly, she wasn't really what you'd call "ugly", you know what I mean?

Not like, of course, The Elephant Man!

Now THERE was an ugly bastard if there ever WAS one! We're talkin' about scarin' off blind kids ugly!

Not that I look like an Adonis or anything like that.

Hell, I'm no George Clooney even overhauled! I mean, if I had a nickel for every single time I've been called "ugly" in my life I'd have as much money as George does (and probably MORE!)!

So what IS truly "ugly"?

Hell, I don't know. But the NEXT time I hear a good-looking person say "it's on the inside what counts" I'm gonna puke up my damn McDonald's! And maybe right in their damn face! (I'm lovin' it!)

Nah, I'm just kidding! I would NEVER do anything like that!

Because I'm a GOOD person "on the inside". And, of course, that's ALL that matters, right? Right?!

Anyway, here's Phoebe Cates.

Whatever one personally feels about "ugliness" & "attractiveness" I believe we ALL can agree that Phoebe Cates is NOT "ugly" in ANY way, right? Right!

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4 months agoReply
@tbanarchy The human forum comes in all shapes and sizes with bumps and lumps and odd bits sticking out and that's the way wr see ourselves finding someone who is happy with thair appearance is a very rare thing indeed nearly everyone finds something they don't like

tbanarchyGifted WriterI am a snarky freelance writer.
4 months agoReply
@michaelschulze At this point in my life I'm just trying to find someone who won't laugh when I get naked!

4 months agoReply
Well at my age all you really care about is personality and what is in someone's heart hell when you get old evreyone thinks your ugly so many wrinkles you couldn't straighten them out with a steamroller but really beautiful mind heart and soul beautiful person ugly heart and mind one hell of an ugly person no matter what thair physical appearance