All About "Stained Class" by Judas Priest
All About "Stained Class" by Judas Priest class stories

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by tbanarchy "Stained Class" is the fourth studio album by British heavy metal band Judas Priest.

All About "Stained Class" by Judas Priest

by tbanarchy

"Stained Class" is the fourth studio album by British heavy metal band Judas Priest.

I wouldn't call this the band's best album unlike, say, "Hell Bent For Leather" and/or their classic album "Screaming For Vengeance" (the one with "You Got Another Thing Comin'" on it).

But this album is significant for two reasons: First, it was the very first album to feature the band's famous logo.

Also, the band members were sued in 1990 by the parents of two teen boys who attempted to commit suicide-one of whom succeeded while the other died a few years later-after listening to this album.

The parents, in their lawsuit, actually alleged how the band actually put "backwards messages" in the songs on the album to try to "influence" kids like their sons.

And, though the lawsuit was dismissed, the judge did say the message "do it" was in the song "Better By You Better Than Me", which I think is the best song on the album (and was originally recorded by the band Spooky Tooth).

Plus the fact that the two boys had been smoking weed and drinking beer while listening to this album probably aided in the dismissal of this lawsuit.

Comedian the late Bill Hicks once mocked the lawsuit and the notion that bands like Judas Priest would try to somehow KILL their audience.

This lawsuit reminds me of when rocker Ozzy Osbourne was sued by the parents of another teenaged boy who committed suicide a few years before the Judas Priest lawsuit.

Those parents likewise claimed Ozzy's controversial song "Suicide Solution"-which Ozzy insisted was an "anti-suicide" song-influenced their son to commit suicide.

And Ozzy's lawsuit, like the Judas Priest lawsuit, was also dismissed by the judge who said the parents failed to prove Ozzy had any responsibility for their boy's tragic suicide (who was said to have suffered from depression).

Going back to Judas Priest, the band addressed the lawsuit controversy in the video for their song "A Touch Of Evil" (which MTV threatened to BAN if the video was too, as they put it, "controversial").

Frankly, I'm surprised the late Ronnie James Dio DIDN'T get sued over the lyrics for his song "Shoot Shoot", especially since the lyrics to THAT song read, in part:

"It's a matter of mind You know you can be free forever So the next time someone Points a gun at you Say shoot shoot I don't care Shoot shoot"

R.I.P., Ronnie!

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