All About 80s "Hair Metal" Group Ratt
All About 80s "Hair Metal" Group Ratt rat stories

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All About 80s "Hair Metal" Group Ratt

by tbanarchy

Ratt was one of my favorite rock groups growing up in the eighties.

They were one of the "hair metal" groups of the time.

Their debut album was "Out Of The Cellar" that produced their signature hit "Round & Round".

Their follow-up album was "Invasion Of Your Privacy" that produced another one of their biggest hits "Lay It Down".

Ratt produced a few more hit albums and songs but, like a lot of other "hair metal" bands at the time, their popularity waned in the nineties when "grunge" groups like Nirvana became popular.

Throughout the years, Ratt has gone through numerous band changes, including haituses, lawsuits and even the death of original member guitarist Robbin Crosby who died of a heroin overdose in 2002 after disclosing his was HIV-positive.

BTW, the model on the cover of Ratt's album "Out Of The Cellar" is actress/model Tawny Kitaen who was also known for jumping around on the hoods of cars while dressed in lingerie in the video for the song "Here I Go Again" by 80s "hair metal" band Whitesnake.

Also, the model on the cover of their album IOYP is a Playboy Playmate named Marianne Gravatte whom lead singer and group founder Stephen Pearcy, uh-hum, discovered in PB. (I think the two even dated for a bit in the 80s.)

Just thought you'd like to know!

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