A WOMAN'S TOUCH (A "Horror" Thriller)
A WOMAN'S TOUCH (A "Horror" Thriller) shortstorybash17 stories
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A WOMAN'S TOUCH (A "Horror" Thriller)

by tbanarchy

"Wake up!" she said to him.

When he didn't respond or move, she slapped him hard across the face. "I said wake up!" He finally awoke to find himself tied to a chair in the middle of this strange room. "W-where am I?"

She didn't answer him. He looked up at her.

"Hey," he said to her. "You're the chick from the bar earlier tonight." "Oh," she said, grinning, "how nice that you remembered!" He struggled against the ropes that tied him to the chair.

"Where am I?" he asked her again more forefully.

"You'll see," she told him simply. He didn't say anything else as he looked her over. The last thing he remembered before blacking out was sitting in his car with her sitting next to him.

He remembered he was about to grab and subdue her.

That is, until she put a handkerchief up to his mouth and all of a sudden he felt dizzy and passed out. He knew she used chloroform on him. He had used it many times himself on his victims.

The question was, why did she use it on him?

"What am I doin' here?" he demanded of her. "What do you want from me?" "Probably the same thing you wanted from me." "Oh, I doubt that, honey." "Oh, I think I know you better than you think."

This time he grinned. "How do you know what I want?"

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Let me show you, big boy." They were both quiet as she left the room for a bit & came back in carrying something behind her. "What'cha got there?" he asked.

"You wanna see what I got back here, big boy?"

He said nothing as she threw the object she was holding across the floor towards him. He looked down and saw it was the decapitated head of his last victim. Her glazed eyes were still open.

"I found her in the trunk of your car," she told him.

She offered him her biggest grin yet. "Savin' her for later?" He grinned back. "Yeah," he said, chuckling. "Somethin' like that!" "And let me guess, you were plannin' on doin' the same to me."

He chuckled some more. "What do you think?"

"I think you like havin' your way with defenseless women." He nodded. "Why don't you untie me and you can find out for yourself?" She went over to him as she leaned over and grabbed his face.

"I think you'd find I'm not as defenseless as you think."

She smirked at him as she let go of his face. He taunted her some more as he said to her, "Well, that's easy for you to say since I'm the one who's tied up here." "Is that a challenge, big boy?"

"That depends. What type of challenge do you have in mind?"

He was looking right at her face as she walked back towards him. Otherwise, he might have seen the chloroform-laced rag she was holding behind her back. She walked behind him and raised the rag.

She smothered his face with rag like she did before.

He struggled like he did in the car, but he soon passed out like he did before. When he woke back up, he found himself untied from the chair and saw that she was gone. He stood up and went out.

It was dark outside when he stepped out of her house.

She lived in a small house way out in the woods. He saw his car parked out in front. He checked the front seat and saw his keys were gone. Not that he wanted to leave before he took care of her.

He began to look around the woods to try and find her.

The darkened woods made it harder to see. Suddenly he tripped over something. He looked down to see what he tripped over. At first he thought it was a dead animal. Then he saw what it was.

It was a dead body. Startled, he jumped back away from it.

As he backed away, he almost tripped over another dead body. "Just what the hell is goin' on around here?" he asked himself. "I see you found my playthings," he heard a voice call out behind him.

He turned away and saw her standing behind him.

She was sporting a Mohawk & holding a hatchet. "What the hell is this?" he demanded. "You haven't figured it out, big boy?" He said nothing. She pointed the hatchet at him. "I'm just like you."

He gritted his teeth. "You ain't nothin' like me!"

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Prove it." He yelled as he charged at her. She stood her ground as she lifted the hatchet above her head and then brought the hatchet down on him. He screamed . . .

She left his body where it lay like her other victims.

"You believe me now, big boy?" she said at his body like she expected him to respond to her. She walked off, still holding the bloody hatchet, with another plaything added to her collection.

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