A Wal-Mart Story Involving Judas Priest
A Wal-Mart Story Involving Judas Priest radio stories

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Attention K-Mart shoppers! (Wait, is K-Mart STILL in business?)

A Wal-Mart Story Involving Judas Priest

by tbanarchy

So I went into my local Wal-Mart the other day to pick up some cheap crap.

On the Wal-Mart radio-and, yes, there IS such a thing!-the song "Living After Midnight" by British heavy metal band Judas Priest was playing.

Which I thought was rather interesting considering how Wal-Mart once forbade the sell of heavy metal magazines in their stores (back when there were STILL heavy metal mags).

As I recall, I think the head-honchos at WM were mostly responding to "pressure" from people like televangelist Jimmy Swaggart who apparently thought heavy metal was the Devil's music or whatever.

But then Jimbo was caught being a horny little devil himself with a prostitute (or two!) so Wal-Mart started selling these mags again but I digress!

Anyway, I had to chuckle when I heard the line "I'm gonna blow ya!" from the Judas Priest song.

And, of course, when they say "blow" in the song they DON'T mean they're going to blow air onto someone's face!

And, if you still DON'T know what they're talking about in the song, here's a visual aid (from actress Selma Blair from her movie Cruel Intentions)!

Which, coincidentally, you can buy the video of the film Cruel Intentions on Walmart.com!

Of course, what REALLY would have shocked me if they were playing the Judas Priest song "Eat Me Alive" where lead singer Rob Halford sings "I'm gonna force you at gunpoint!"

And, no, I'm NOT going to provide ANY visual aids on THAT one!

I mean, some-or many!-might think me a pervert but I'm definitely not THAT kind of pervert, if you know what I mean!

I mean, who do you think I am? Bill Cosby? (Too soon?)

Oh, man, I think I may have even "offended" myself with THAT one (and anyone who reads my posts knows that's NOT an easy thing to do!)!

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