My Own "Drink" Story (That Includes BOOBS!)
My Own "Drink" Story (That Includes BOOBS!) drink stories

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Drink THIS!

My Own "Drink" Story (That Includes BOOBS!)

(I mean "censored" boobs, of course, since we ARE talking about Commaful here!)

by tbanarchy

I was at Wal-Mart some time back and decided to look through their posters.

I hadn't looked through them in a while and I wanted to see if they were still selling posters of Justin Bieber or if they had "updated" them.

I came across this poster of something called Nuka Cola. (Care to guess WHY this poster caught my attention?)

At first I thought it was a reproduction of a poster from, say, the 50s of some off-brand cola that has long been discontinued.

Like this old poster ad for Coca-Cola with the smiling cute girl.

The Nuka Cola poster looked like something you would see on the show American Pickers, which is one of favorite TV shows (since, as I've posted before, I'm a bit of a collector myself).

Speaking of boobs, did you know that "Danny D" on the show is a burlesque dancer? Yep!

Anyway, I went ahead and bought the poster even though I'd be considered too old to buy posters.

After I bought the poster, I Googled it and found out it wasn't an actual cola but rather it was from a video game called Fallout 4.

I, of course, didn't know this since I'd definitely be considered too old to be a "gamer".

I found out there was another-and even "sexier"-Nuka Cola poster. (Maybe I'll get this one too!)

BTW, the last poster I bought was this KISS poster I picked up at a shop called Fuzzy Bubble.

It bills itself as a tobacco shop but it looked like they also sold some weed paraphernalia, if you know what I mean!

Going back to Wal-Mart, I also once saw this Kim Kardashian bikini poster being sold there.

It was sure a far cry from those Samantha Fox topless posters I used to buy at this record shop called The Joker I used to go to as a teen.

Ah, mammaries, uh, I mean memories!

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