A (True) Haunted Owl Story
A (True) Haunted Owl Story supernatural stories

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A (True) Haunted Owl Story

by tbanarchy

I grew up in an old house that was rumored to be haunted.

One day my mom and my aunt were upstairs looking through some old boxes.

At one point, my mom looks up and spots a giant white owl perched atop the door.

She said it was twice the size of a "normal" owl & its claws were as big as a human hand.

She also said it was looking straight down at her & its eyes were full of "hatred".

She asked my aunt about the owl. My aunt looked up & went back to going through the boxes.

Suddenly my aunt stopped what she was doing, shouted "An owl!" & ran back downstairs as fast as she could.

However, my aunt slammed the door shut, leaving my mom upstairs with the angry white owl.

She screamed for someone to open the door as the owl swooped down on her & clawed at her hair.

Finally, she was able to open the door & run out, leaving the owl trapped upstairs.

However, no one ever saw or heard the owl upstairs ever again in spite of its massive size.

My mom said she could sense the owl was "targeting" her & totally ignoring my aunt for whatever reason.

My mom went to a psychic years after she divorced my dad who told her her marriage ended due to a "dark-haired woman who was not of this world."

Did I mention my dad claimed to have seen a "dark-haired woman" while he was sleeping in the bedroom upstairs?

The house burned down during a heavy rainstorm after lightning struck it while my sister & her family were living there.

It burned down on the very same day my dad said he would never live in that house ever again.


Oh, did I also mention my dad "asked" a ouija board if there was a "female spirit" in that house & it said, "Yes."

OK, that might be a coincidence but my dad did find out a woman had died during childbirth in the room where he said he first encountered the "dark-haired woman".

And his girlfriend was frightened when she saw the figure of a woman standing in the doorway to the kitchen one night.

I myself never really had any paranormal experiences in that house until right before I moved out.

That's when I started hearing strange noises coming from the upstairs room where my dad said he saw the ghost woman both at night AND during the day.

Make of THAT what you will.

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