A Tribute To Wendy O. Williams
A Tribute To Wendy O. Williams controversy stories

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Like I say in this piece, I'm talking about the late punk rock singer and NOT the talk show host!

A Tribute To Wendy O. Williams

The singer, NOT the talk show host!

by tbanarchy

Wendy O. Williams was the lead singer of the punk rock band The Plasmatics. She also starred in movies & shows, including porn, like the B-movie Reform School Girls & in the classic TV show MacGyver.

She was also nominated for a Grammy in 1985 for Best Female Rock Vocal (although some, of course, might have disputed that given she wasn't the best vocalist).

However, Wendy O. Williams was perhaps BEST known for her antics, both onstage and off, such as appearing half-nude-or nude-onstage (and off) and chainsawing guitars during her concerts.

She was even arrested in places such as Milwaukee for "obscene" acts like simulating sex acts such as masturbation onstage and picking fights with cops.

She also drove a school bus through a stack of exploding TVs in one of her videos while sporting her trademark mohawk-that was shown on Beavis & Butthead-and even blew up a car on national TV on the late Tom Synder's talk show back in 1981.

Along with performing with The Plasmatics and her solo work, she also performed with the band Motorhead doing a duet of the classic country song "Stand By Your Man" by the late Tammy Wynette with the band's late frontman Lemmy.

Wendy, not surpringly, also did a pictorial for Playboy in the mid-eighties where she was shot skydiving-naked!-from an old WWI plane.

Wendy "retired" from the music scene in 1991. Sadly, Williams died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in 1998. Her body was found in the woods near her home in Connecticut by her longtime companion & manager Rod Swenson.

The "legacy" of Wendy O. Williams is why I laugh whenever I hear people today get "outraged" over the antics of singers like Miley Cyrus which, when compared to the antics of Wendy, look tame (& lame!) by comparison.

So RIP Wendy O. Williams. You ARE missed!

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