A Thanksgiving Story Involving KISS
A Thanksgiving Story Involving KISS church stories
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KISS, "jailbait" and Paul Stanley shoving kitchen utensils down his throat. Happy Thanksgiving!

A Thanksgiving Story Involving KISS

by tbanarchy

The very first rock concert I ever went to was to see the rock band KISS when I was in high school back in the mid-eighties on Thanksgiving weekend.

This was, of course, back when they WEREN'T wearing their famous makeup.

I went to the concert with my then brother-in-law Mike-whose brother was married to my sister at the time-and a few of his friends.

The hair metal group Black 'N Blue opened up for them. (Anyone remember THEM?)

The most interesting thing wasn't so much the concert itself-even though it was my very first one-but it was what happened AFTER the concert.

I proudly wore my KISS concert T-shirt to school the following Monday. A girl named Amanda asked me before class if I had gone to the KISS concert. I told her I had. She then told me her CHURCH GROUP had stayed in the SAME hotel as KISS.

You probably already see where THIS is going, don't you?

Anyway, Amanda told me how at one point she and another female church member had gotten into an elevator with-wait for it!-Gene Simmons and another band member (either the guitarist or the drummer).

Amanda said that Gene started HITTING on her by saying stuff to her like "Hey, baby!" and showing her his tongue, which she told me how "gross" she thought it was. And, yes, in case you were wondering, Amanda WASN'T what you'd call, shall we say, "legal".

Now, to be fair, Gene probably DIDN'T know Amanda was "jailbait" when he hit on her since she, though she was short, was more-again, shall we say-endowed than other girls. But, then again, he DID do the lead vocals on their classic song "Christine Sixteen" so there you go!

Of course, this was back during the time when rock stars didn't tend to check the ID's of their "groupies", if you know what I mean! (Anyone ever watch the film "Almost Famous"?)

Just ask "Uncle" Ted Nugent! (Who, of course, was shacking up with a 17-year-old during this time and even wrote a song about her called "Little Miss Dangerous" that included the lyrics "Such a dangerous body/With a little girl's face!" Nice going, "Uncle" Ted!)

Anyway, another guy in my class named Shannon who was with the same church group told me how they were eating in the dining room at the same time as the members of KISS.

Again, you can probably already tell where THIS is going, can't you?

Anyway, Shannon told me how Paul Stanley was acting like he was trying to stick his fork down his throat and, if you stared at them for too long, they would call security on you.

You know, "typical" rock star stuff like that!

Anyway, the concert itself was pretty kick-ass! Even though it was SO damn loud it felt like my head was going to explode! But, then again, KISS did put out a song called "I Love It Loud"-also voiced by Gene-so there you go!

And, just in case you were wondering, I don't have any "lurid" stories about Black 'N Blue so I don't know WHAT the hell they were doing at the hotel (and something tells me I don't WANT to know!).

And here's a pic of Shannon Tweed, wife of Gene Simmons, former Playboy Playmate and star of such, uh-hum, classics like Body Chemistry 4: Full Exposure. (Man, talk about giving thanks!)

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